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Today President Biden offers an answer to analyze the damage caused by Hurricane Ida in Louisiana

President Biden, who has remained alert to all the updates and the consequences caused by Hurricane Ida in Louisiana, this Thursday his administration will detail the response to the flood situations and other havoc that the storm has caused.

He is also scheduled to visit the state of Louisiana this Friday, which will allow him to directly recognize some of the damage from what has been the fifth most disastrous storm to hit US territory.

Losses of tens of billions of dollars are estimated to be caused by flooding and high winds that reached 240 km / h. Even New Jersey, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania communities are affected by the rains that have left at least eight people dead.

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Damage to the electricity grid has also significantly affected the normalization of supply. After the passage of the hurricane demolished the main transmission tower, hundreds of substations, and kilometers of lines, more than a million homes and businesses were without power.

Sectors like New Orleans were completely in total darkness, and it was not until this Wednesday that its inhabitants saw ethnicity return in some parts of the city.

The administration of President Biden and his White House press secretary has stated that the president will visit Louisiana as long as his presence does not affect the progress of the recovery work. While John Bel Edwards, governor of Louisiana, has said that President Biden’s visit is crucial for him to understand the scale of damage and widespread destruction that Hurricane Ida has left in the locality.

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Edwards to reporters: “There is nothing like visiting in person,” to refer to the suggestion that the president visits Louisiana since he affirms that when you see everything personally, it is more convincing. These are the words that he has expressed after a meeting with local officials from Jefferson parish, one of those badly affected by Ida.

Edwards answered several questions to reporters and has said regarding the type of assistance that he plans to request from President Biden that the list is extensive due to the extent of the damages. However, he considers that some of the most urgent priorities are implementing a housing plan that allows helping many people rebuild a new space to live in.

Final words:

The White House has confirmed that President Joe Biden has been receiving regular reports on the situation caused by Storm Ida. He has also held conference calls with local officials and governors to agree on preparations and actions to address needs in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Meanwhile, federal response teams continue to conduct search and rescue efforts and send tons of supplies to support recovery.



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