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To Fight Wildfires, Drought, And The Effects of Climate Change, California Governor Newsom Commits $ 15 Billion

To protect the most affected communities and face the effects of the climate crisis, the California government continues to implement measures to increase the budget and achieve short-term goals.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new bill this Thursday where he committed more than $ 15 billion. What would be an unprecedented investment to repair the damage left by the fires that have raged in the state in recent days?

He assures that he has taken this responsibility to help get out of the station he is in because of the forest fires. Part of the budget is expected to guarantee coastal protection efforts and reinforce urban greening projects. As well as accelerating other long-term projects such as the change of all zero-emission vehicles by 2035

Governor Newsom is focused on allocating a budget for wildfire prevention to change the historical reaction regarding this state’s problem. His policies are now aimed at prevention rather than just waiting for a reaction to wildfires.

Faced with the reality that the fires facing the region are more destructive each time, the governor has decided to increase the budget and redouble efforts compared to the measures taken last year.

In the last two years, the State of California has suffered the largest wildfires in history, which is why much money has been spent on fighting the fires. For this reason, now the policies and the budget increase will be drastically allocated to prevention costs.

A record budget has been agreed, never estimated for these tasks, but now they deserve it.

The last fires have been very challenging, and there are many disasters left in their wake, so preventive actions must be improved to address the risks of this class of fires faced today.

Many specialists say that the intensity of the fires is stronger because of the climate crisis. Over time, the situation can become increasingly serious if more drastic measures are not taken.

During the last three decades, the West has become much warmer and drier due to climate change, and the consequences have been felt.

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Final words:

A large part of the budget of this bill will be allocated to the maintenance of green areas, forests, and forests that act as firewood when fires start.

A portion will also be earmarked for the inspection of new homes built in wildfire-prone areas of the state to meet building codes that require fire-resistant materials.

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