Tips for Throwing a Housewarming Party

Congratulations! Really, what’s more, exciting than finally making it through the stressful home buying process and closing on a new house? If you were buying and selling at the same time, you probably feel more than relieved to be finished with the process. Now, once you settle in, unpack, and clean up, you can finally throw a housewarming party for your friends and relatives. Throwing a housewarming party will allow you to connect with your loved ones and show off your new pad. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips for throwing a housewarming party!

Mitigate Risks of COVID-19

Unfortunately, throwing a housewarming party can still be risky due to COVID-19. However, because of the availability of vaccines and at-home testing, you can mitigate some of the risks. Depending on what you and your household is comfortable with, you can tailor your housewarming party to whatever feels the safest for you all! If you live somewhere warm, have the party outside or keep the windows open. You can also limit the number of guests to lower the risk of anyone getting sick as well.

Choose a Theme

When we mention “theme,” we don’t always mean that everyone has to dress a certain way. What we mean is how you want your housewarming party to feel. Do you want it to be a dinner party where you either cook or order catering? Is it going to be more of a casual pizza party with some refreshments? Choosing the feel for your party will help both you and your guests prepare for the occasion. If you’re still trying to recover from the financial aspect of purchasing a house, suggest for your guests to each bring a dish or a drink! Opt for something that is going to make the party fun, not stressful.

Invite Your Guests

Once you decide when and how this event is going to go, reach out to your guests and let them know you’re having a housewarming party. Some easier ways to invite people include sending them a text message, giving them a call, or setting up an event on Facebook. If you’re feeling a bit more formal with the party, you can also send out creative invitations in the mail to let them know that they’re invited.

Prepare Your New Space

If you have any leftover unpacking to do, finish this before having guests over. Then, you can get to cleaning up and preparing for the party. Make sure to have utensils, cups, plates, and more for you to entertain your guests. Depending on what kind of theme you are going for, you can play some music or put on a movie. Once everyone gets there, give them a grand tour!

Bottom Line: Have Fun

At the end of the day, the party is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Throw a housewarming party that is going to be a good time for both you and your guests. Plan something that won’t cause you additional stress and that will allow you to connect with your new space and share it with your loved ones!


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