Where To Buy A Tiktok Window Projector: Join The Fake Light Trend!

Tiktok Window Projector

A new challenge on TikTok is the Fake Window Challenge. People create fake windows on their bedroom walls using a projector.

When shared how to make a fake window on the wall, it started a new trend in decorating.

On TikTok, many people have tried the trend by projecting images onto their windows to make it seem like they are in a rainforest while it is raining outside.

For more information on this challenge, see below!

There are many different projectors you can buy. You can find them online.

If you want to buy a projector for your computer, there is one on Amazon that costs 49.99. You can find the address here.

If you are unsure about using a digital projector for your work presentations, invest in a phone projector instead. Phone projectors are made of cardboard and are very cheap. They cost only $15. You can find it on the website. It is a website.

The Mini Movie Projector is a projector that you can buy for $84.99.

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How To Use The Tiktok Window Projector

To participate in the wall challenge, you need to have a black space on your white wall. When it is projected on the projector, it will be seen.

If you want to find the perfect window for your projector, search “outside window 10 hours” on YouTube.

There will be videos to choose from. You can look at the rainforest or falling snow.

The videos will loop for 10 hours. This means that they will appear on your wall for this long.

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