The World's Largest Boat May Be A Gigantic Floating City
The World's Largest Boat May Be A Gigantic Floating City

The World’s Largest Boat May Be A Gigantic Floating City

What could be more outrageous in these troubling economic times than a superyacht? Why, a term yacht is a term used for boats that are even larger than super, mega and Giga yachts.

Pangeos, the newest high-end vessel to hit the market is named after Pangea, a supercontinent that existed between 200 and 335 million years ago. And if you think those sums are high, wait till you learn how much money it will cost to build it: $8 billion, according to architect Lazzarini.

The World's Largest Boat May Be A Gigantic Floating City
The World’s Largest Boat May Be A Gigantic Floating City

Given that if funded, this will grow to be the largest floating structure ever constructed it makes sense why it is so expensive. It will be 550 meters (1,800 feet) long and 610 meters (2,000 feet) wide, resembling the hideout of a Bond villain.

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According to Lazzarini, the yacht will be a true “floating city,” complete with rooms for hotels, malls, parks and even ports for smaller ships and planes to transport visitors in luxury. Given that it is shaped like a tera-turtle, the style will be present.

To develop it, too, would require a unique location that doesn’t already exist. Saudi Arabia has been proposed as the location by the designers.

Before construction could start about one square kilometer of the sea would need to be dredged and a circular dam would need to be built. The ideal location has been identified by the designers as a space at King Abdullah Port, located 81 miles north of Jeddah.

Pangeos, a city divided into blocks has a port and central square from which other structures spiral. Aircraft landing areas would be in an “upper shell” area that was surrounded by gardens.

30,000 “cells” beneath the living area would keep the building afloat. Steel would be used to build the basement. Although the “wings” would take energy from the drag and waves crashing against the ship, it would have a whopping 30 meters, or 98 feet of draft and could cruise at five knots. Solar panels on the roof would be used to power the yacht.

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Lazzarini anticipates that work will begin in 2033 and take eight years to complete. Wish to witness it from the water? A crowdfunding project enables you to purchase anything via NFT, ranging from a virtual entrance ticket ($16) to a VIP apartment ($169).

That is, of course, for a virtual apartment, but if you want to purchase a real one, you may use that money as a deposit. Finding the remaining $8 billion is now necessary.

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