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The Wilds Season 2: Release Date Status And Other Latest Update

So we are back with good news for all The Wild’s fans… the show will be back with season 2 and this is confirmed but the release date and trailer are still unrevealed. And in this article, we will give you all updates regarding the show and everything we know.

but in the beginning, let’s take a quick recap of the show.

The Wilds

The Wilds is an American series streaming on Amazon Prime Video, which is created by Sarah Streicher. The story of the drama revolves around a group of teenage girls who trap on a deserted island after a plane crash. But they all don’t have any idea about the situation that it all is a pre-planned scene and a part of being used as a subject for a social experiment. This season was aired on Amazon Prime Video on 11 December 2020. The series got many positive reviews from experts and praise for the performance, writing, and plot.

The whole cast stars are Sophia Ali, Reign Edwards, Shannon Berry, Jenna Clause, Mia Healey, Helena Howard, Erana James, Sarah Pidgeon, David Sullivan, Troy Winbush, and Rachel Griffiths.

When The Wilds Season 2 is going to release?

As we all know that the sources season 1 of the show was released in the beginning of December 2020 and the team had done with the shooting a year earlier than the release date in October 2019.

The creators posted a clip on their Twitter account as an announcement of the starting to the shoot and also through Instagram:-

Twitter post:-

The Wilds season 2: Story

The Wilds Season 2 will follow to continue the story of the struggling of eight teenage girls on a deserted island along with some mysteries. As the story is renewed with the second season so there must be something new, this season will focus on a new group of descendants boys who also find themselves in the same uncertain situation. Both groups will be forced to go through many emotional and physical barriers in the face of their intense situations.

But Fans have many questions about the show such as they want to desperately want to know about Nore if she is alive or not?, the mystery behind the healing of Rachel’s hand and Martha’s Fate, and many more…

Hope we will get answers to all these questions. Stay tuned we will update to as soon as possible.

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The Wilds season 2: Cast

According to the announcement for the second season, we can expect:-

  • Sarah Pidgeon (Leah),
  • Sophia Ali (Fatin),
  • Jenna Clause (Martha),
  • Reign Edwards (Rachel),
  • Mia Healey (Shelby),
  • Shannon Berry (Dot),
  • Helena Howard (Nora),
  • Arena James (Toni)

The Wilds Season 2: Release Date And Other Latest Update

Moreover, on 13th May 2021, it was confirmed that there will be a whole new bunch of characters. According to which we will see:-

  • Zack Calderon as Rafael Garcia, a quiet and sensitive teenager who drifts toward the people who are stronger and have more charismatic personalities than his own.
  • Aidan Laprete as Henry Tanaka, a departed kind person who likes to retreat into the security of his confusion dropping earphones and lyre on the murkiness on the planet.
  • Nicholas Coombe will appear as Josh Herbert, an heir of a wealthy family in San Diego who is a talkative, awkward, and nervous teenager.
  • Charles Alexander as Kirin O’Conner, a short-tempered lacrosse player.
  • Miles Gutierrez-Riley as Ivan Taylor, a lobbyist and hopeful writer with a perfect design sense and a dangerously sharp mind.
  • Reed Shannon as Scotty Simms, a fast-talking teenage manager.
  • Tanner Ray Rook will play the role of Scotty’s best friend Bo Leonard, a calm, thoughtful teenager from Florida.
  • Alex Fitzalan as Seth Novak, who is an interesting personality.

Hope you enjoyed it!!!

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