The Shocking Case of the Adopted 6-Year-Old Girl
The Shocking Case of the Adopted 6-Year-Old Girl

The Shocking Case of the Adopted 6-Year-Old Girl Who Turned Out to Be an Ad*lt Con Artist!

It was possibly one of the oddest headline-grabbing stories ever. Little Natalia Grace Barnett, who has a rare bone-growth disease, was taken in by a family that thought she was six years old and adopted from Ukraine.

Later, her adoptive parents, she was a “sociopathic” ad*lt masquerading as a youngster. Indianapolis residents Michael and Kristine Barnett said Natalia wanted to hurt them and their biological children. Authorities have already accused the parents of abandoning their crippled daughter.

A new Investigation Discovery docuseries called “The Curious Case of Natalia Grace” chronicles the complicated story. The filmmakers made an effort to learn the truth about the encounter.

Throughout in-depth interviews, Michael Barnett defended himself. Natalia and Kristine Barnett declined to provide their perspectives on the events.

What Michael Barnett said the Family?

Michael Barnett, who is currently divorced from Kristine, stated in the series that the family was “living with a con artist and a psychopath.”

2010 saw the adoption of Natalia by the Barnetts from a Florida adoption agency. Barnett said in the movie they had a day to decide.

“They said, ‘She has dwarfism. You have 24 hours to sign; otherwise, she is going straight to foster,'” he stated.

The Shocking Case of the Adopted 6-Year-Old Girl

Natalia’s Ukrainian birth certificate, she was born on September 4, 2003. “We adopted Natalia because we wanted to help somebody who was in danger of never being loved,” Barnett said.

He claimed she was a 6-year-old orphan; there was no reason to doubt it. Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia affected her. A rare form of dwarfism may result in skeletal deformities and visual and hearing problems. Little more than 3 feet tall, Natalia.

Barnett claimed in the movie that Kristine bathed Natalia the day after the adoption. He claimed that when their “brand-new” daughter was born, his ex-wife was horrified to see pubic hair on her.

He claimed that Kristine confronted Natalia shortly after discovering bloody undergarments in her bedroom. In a home video featured in the documentary, Natalia responded, “I have a period, and I’ve been hiding it.”

Barnett claimed Natalia exhibited unusual habits, including urinating and feces-smearing the glass and urinating and defecating in the car. He claimed that when she wanted attention in public, she would “throw herself” out the passenger door.

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He explained the goal: “The idea was to look like a poor, helpless little girl,” In the documentary, he said that she began collecting blades and  “I’m going to kill you in your sleep.” The father claimed she once showed up with a knife at the foot of their bed.

Barnett also charged Natalia with pushing Kristine against an electrified fence, putting cleaning materials in her coffee, and threatening to stab her elder brothers.

Barnett said, “She was doing everything possible to cause hurt or harm or mental distress to the family,” Jacob Barnett, Natalia’s oldest brother, admitted during an interview for the show that he “didn’t feel safe around Natalia.” The man said, “I was just scared.”

Michael Barnett claimed that Natalia spent time in the state mental institution where a therapist labeled her as a “sociopath.” She was released from the hospital after making “inappropriate” se*ual remarks to male patients.

Some hospital employees spoke to the documentary under the condition of anonymity. The Barnetts believed their daughter to be an ad*lt at that point. Her birth certificate from Ukraine, they claimed, had been falsified.

The same year, Natalia’s parents successfully petitioned a court to have her birth papers changed because she hadn’t developed while in their custody. She was discovered 14 years younger than she stated, having been born on September 4, 1989.

Recently, Investigation Discovery shared a Tweet related to the Where is Natalia grace barnett now:

She was listed as a 23-year-old ad*lt in the court order. For Natalia, the Barnetts located an apartment and covered the rent. Natalia would identify herself as a “little person” in her early 20s, according to neighbors who resided in the apartment building and were interviewed by the filmmakers.

She was their friend, they claimed. However, they continued, and they lost faith. Sue McCallan, Toby Miles, and Melanie Miles, Natalia’s closest neighbors, warned them that she might arrive unexpectedly at their houses.

Additionally, they claimed they were disturbed by how she appeared to act “se*ually” around individuals, including children. Natalia told him “that she had tried to kill her mom,” Toby Miles said, which made him more afraid of her. The documentary played a tape of a 911 call she made.

Natalia informed the operator that she was “stalking one of my neighbors,” adding, “I don’t want to hurt them.” When Natalia’s lease was up, the Barnetts, who would shortly go through a contentious divorce, fled to Canada.

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