The Republic of Sarah Season 2: Is it Officially Cancelled? Everything You Need To Know!


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“The Republic of Sarah” has been cancelled by The CW after one season, so it will not be back.

In the show, a small town in New Hampshire finds out that there is a huge vein of a very valuable mineral under it. They want to take the whole town, but they also don’t want to keep the town as it is right now. Sarah Cooper, a high school teacher in the town, comes up with a plan to have the town become its own country.

This was a TV show made by CBS Television Studios with Fulwell 73 and Black Lamb, with the show’s executive producers being Jeff Webb and Mark Martin. Irene Litinsky and Leo Pearlman were also on the show’s team.

That’s how the show came to be on TV. It had been in the works at CBS with a pilot order before that network dropped it. Then The CW picked it up and ordered a new pilot with a new cast. It will start on The CW in May 2020.

The show didn’t get a lot of attention when it first aired. It had a live+same-day audience of about 325,000 people. On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season had a 43% approval rating. It didn’t get a lot of attention from the public, either.

What’s This TV Show About

What’s This TV Show About?

The Republic of Sarah is a TV show that was made by Jeffrey Paul King. It stars Stella Baker, Luke Mitchell, Hope Lauren, Nia Holloway, Ian Duff, Forrest Goodluck, Landry Bender, Izabella Alvarez, and Megan Follows. The storey starts in Greylock, New Hampshire, when a lot of coltan, a valuable metal, is found under the town. A state-owned mining company comes in and says it wants to get the mineral that will make Greylock disappear from the world.

Bulldozers are moving in on the homes of Sarah Cooper’s (Baker) friends and family. She vows to fight them. It looks like there’s no way to stop the town from going away, but Sarah comes up with an interesting idea: Greylock could declare independence because the town’s land was never properly claimed by the United States. Vote for them with the help of Sarah’s friends It’s going to be even more difficult for Sarah and her allies to build a country from scratch.

Cancellation reason of The Republic of Sarah Season 2

If a show doesn’t keep going, this is almost always the reason. Most likely, this is the case here. Republic of Sarah was one of the lowest-rated shows on The CW last year. It didn’t even get a 0.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic, but more than 320,000 people watched it live. These aren’t the kinds of numbers that make sense to keep a show going. Another thing that might have made things worse for the show was that the premise didn’t work well in other countries, like many of the shows on the network’s other “franchise” shows. There is a good chance that many of them will be on TV for a long time.

Cancellation reason of The Republic of Sarah Season 2

The Republic of Sarah Cast

This TV show had Stella Baker as Sarah Cooper, Luke Mitchell as Danny Cooper, Hope Lauren as Corinne Dearborn, Nia Holloway as Amy “AJ” Johnson and Ian Duff as Grover Sims. Hope Lauren, Nia Holloway, Ian Duff, Landry Bender, Bella Whitmore, Izabella Alvarez, Megan Follows, and Izabella Alvarez also starred.

The Republic of Sarah Cast

The Republic of Sarah’s trailer

As previously stated, the likelihood of a season 2 is quite slim, which is why we do not have any information on the show’s trailer. However, let us maintain our memories and have a look at the season 1 trailer.

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