The Real Story Behind Zoey Deutch's Famous Mom, Lea Thompson
The Real Story Behind Zoey Deutch's Famous Mom, Lea Thompson

The Real Story Behind Zoey Deutch’s Famous Mom, Lea Thompson

The Real Story Behind Zoey Deutch’s Famous Mom, Lea Thompson

Zoey Deutch has had many roles over the years, from Zombieland to an Ed Sheeran music video. In recent months, though, her most interesting work has been on Netflix. Deutch has been acting for ten years, but she found her place on the streaming service with the rom-com Set It Up and Ryan Murphy’s satire series The Politician.

Even though Deutch’s career is just getting going, her mother has been in the business for a very long time. It turns out that the 25-year-old is the daughter of Lea Thompson, an actress who was in a very popular trilogy in the 1980s. Thompson moved from being in front of the camera to being behind it in 2006 when she added “director” to her resume. We can learn a lot about Thompson’s career and how close she is to her family, so let’s get started.

Lea Thompson Was A Main Character In The Three Popular “Back To The Future” Movies

Lea Thompson started acting in 1982, but it wasn’t until 1985, when she played the mom in Back to the Future and its two sequels, that her career took off. In October 2015, for the movie’s 30th anniversary, Thompson told USA Today, “This movie is a part of me.” She said, “I’m really happy that most people around the world know me as Lorraine McFly. It’s an amazing part.”

Thompson also likes the name it has given her, as she says, “No matter what I did that wasn’t great, people could always say, “She was great in Back to the Future.” She must be a great actress. So it’s kept me from doing some of the bad work I’ve done in the past. As a woman, it can be hard to make it in Hollywood.”

Even though Howard the Duck was not a big hit, she has done well in other movies and TV shows like Some Kind of Wonderful and Freeform’s Switched at Birth. She has also worked as a director on a few projects, including the upcoming spinoff of Riverdale called Katy Keene and a movie with her daughters in the lead roles.

The Real Story Behind Zoey Deutch's Famous Mom, Lea Thompson
The Real Story Behind Zoey Deutch’s Famous Mom, Lea Thompson

During Film Production, Zoey Deutch Collaborated With Her Mother

Lea Thompson directed The Year of Spectacular Men, which was written by her daughter Madelyn Deutch. Madelyn and her mom and sister, Zoey Deutch, both star in the movie. Talk about a family that can do it all! In a June 2018 interview with Metro, Thompson said, “We just got the idea to do something by ourselves. We’ve always been a family that works. We cook and sew together, so it seemed natural to work on this project together.”

The same month, the three of them talked to Entertainment Tonight, and Thompson told her daughters, “I don’t think I’ve taken my career as seriously as I should have. I’m proud of how seriously you guys take yourselves. Even though we joke around a lot, you guys have taught me a lot.”

Zoey told ET about what it was like to work with her mom, “As a person, I don’t think people like it when their mom is always right… And it was hard because you were right all the time and you did get me… So, I think it was mostly hard because I wanted to yell at you but couldn’t.” She was probably joking a little, and in the end, they found their groove.

The Husband Of Lea Thompson Is A Well-known Director

Not only does Lea Thompson have well-known daughters, but her husband is also well-known in Hollywood. Thompson and Howard Deutch met on the set of Some Kind of Wonderful, a 1987 John Hughes movie that Deutch directed. In 2017, he talked to Salon about their time on set “All of my friends made fun of me because I liked her. But there’s also something about her that makes her real and easy to understand.”

In the same interview, Thompson said that at the time, she was going out with Dennis Quaid. “The movie had nothing happen. I knew he liked me, but it took a while for that to show.” She told Salon that Howard was “very exotic, different, like a man and not a half-man.” In 1989, they got married soon after the movie was over.

Along with Some Kind of Wonderful, Deutch also directed Pretty in Pink, which was a big hit in the 1980s. IMDb says that Howard also directed a few episodes of the 1990s show Caroline in the City, in which Thompson starred.

Zoey Deutch And Lea Thompson Have A Strong Relationship As Mother And Daughter

Some people might be scared to grow up with famous parents, but Zoey Deutch’s parents have inspired her. She told Net-a-Porter in October 2019 that she was pregnant “A good sense of humor was more important to my parents than many other things that young girls are taught to value. “You’re pretty” wasn’t one of the compliments. “You made me laugh” was. The positive feedback made me who I am.” She told the magazine as well, “I took my first steps on a movie set. In my mom’s makeup trailer, that was the first word I ever said. I wanted to do it more than anything else in the world.”

Thompson’s mother couldn’t be happier about her daughter. In an Instagram post for Deutch’s birthday in November 2019, she wrote, “I love how kind you are, how strong you are, and how funny you are about everything. I will always be thankful for the journey we took together.” Fans may be surprised to learn that Deutch is the daughter of two major Hollywood stars, but it makes perfect sense.

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