The President of The United States Sues The State of Texas For Its Law Prohibiting Abortion

The President of The United States Sues The State of Texas For Its Law Prohibiting Abortion

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, is trying to temporarily block the abortion ban in Texas after 6 weeks, taking the case to the Supreme Court. The process will take place in a matter of weeks, legal experts said. However, what happens at the moment is a great unknown.

On Tuesday, the Justice Department asked a federal judge in Austin, Texas, to block the ban, which became the most Restrictive Abortion Law in the nation, after the Supreme Court allowed it to take effect this month, while the district court heard the federal government’s challenge to the Act.

Again, legal issues and population dramas have been the cause of the nation’s political and cultural wars. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, a Democrat, said in USA TODAY on Wednesday: “One of the things that we are asking for here is an actual legal process, which was not allowed. We will be in whatever courtroom we need to get this sorted out.”

Additionally, Healey addressed a courtroom friendship brief by two dozen Democratic attorneys general in federal court on Wednesday, calling the Texas ban “a dangerous new frontier in the quest of some state legislatures to restrict or eliminate access to abortion in violation of well-established norms by law.”

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A total of 5 conservative Supreme Court justices rejected the previous effort to stop the law, claiming that the law enforcement mechanism in Texas created a tie on their hands. Despite the 6-week ban in effect in the state, it disobeys the precedent of the Superior Court that guarantees a woman the right to an abortion during the next 24 weeks of pregnancy.

This decision has had the practical effect of abortion providers in Texas discontinuing performing these procedures once fetal heartbeats begin to be detected.

Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, did not respond to request for comment, but Elizabeth Graham, Texas Vice President for Right to Life, said her group was not surprised by the desperate move by the Biden administration to stop the abortion law in Texas to save lives, adding that federal courts are expected to declare the lawsuit invalid.

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Final words

US District Judge Robert Pitman will make the final decision. This judge was nominated by President Barack Obama and was unanimously confirmed in the Senate. Pitman asked Texas to respond to the Department of Justice’s request by September 29 and set the hearing date for October 1.

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