The Other Guy Season 3
The Other Guy Season 3

The Other Guy Season 3 Release Date Status: Is It Cancelled By Hulu?

‘The Other Guy’ is an Australian comedy series that revolves around AJ Amon, a well-known radio show host whose life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers that his long-term girlfriend has cheated on him with his best friend after 10 years of marriage. AJ is heartbroken, so he decides to do something he never imagined himself doing: he enters the world of dating. As a result, there is complete chaos.

Matt Okine, who also serves as the show’s creator and star, is also the show’s creator and star. The premiere of the first season of ‘The Other Guy’ took place on August 17, 2017. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, the show received a rousing reception from audiences, who praised the comedy series for its relatable characters, absurd and crass humor, authentic writing, eccentric setting, and powerful performances. The show was able to produce another successful season as a result of positive word of mouth. Naturally, fans are looking forward to the release of ‘The Other Guy’ season 3. So, here’s everything we currently know.

The Other Guy Season 3 Cancelled or Renewal by Hulu

The Other Guy Season 3 Cancelled or Renewal
The Other Guy Season 3 Cancelled or Renewal

Hulu has not yet decided whether or not to cancel or renew The Other Guy for a third season as of the first day of February in 2022. It is our policy to monitor the status of The Other Guy on a daily basis, and we will update this page as soon as The Other Guy is canceled or renewed. Keep track of the latest developments by bookmarking this page and returning to it regularly.

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The Other Guy Cast

AJ Amon, a newly single host on ‘The Other Guy,’ is played by Australian comic Matt Okine, who is suffering from a broken heart and is spending more time drinking than sleeping. Valene Kane co-stars with Matt as AJ’s ex-girlfriend Olivia “Liv” Collins, who cheats on him with AJ’s best friend (now ex-boyfriend) Henry.

While Harriet Dyer appears as Stevie Nicholls, AJ’s support system and flatmate, and Michael-Anthony Taylor portrays AJ’s father, Daddy Mack, the film also features a number of other notable performances. Michael Hing plays Sam Wu, and Christiaan Van Vuuren plays Derek, among the other members of the ensemble.

Season 2 sees the return of all of the cast members from season 1, as well as the introduction of some new characters, including Lily Sullivan as AJ’s new ladylove Charlie and Claudia Karvan as Miranda, the television producer. Given that there has been no official announcement regarding the season 3 cast, we can anticipate that the majority of the actors will reprise their roles in the third season, with a few additions.

The Other Guy Plot

The Other Guy Plot
The Other Guy Plot

In the first season of ‘The Other Guy,’ we see AJ, who has been emotionally traumatized, embark on a path of self-destruction that includes drowning in alcohol, excessive partying, substance abuse, and other miscellaneous activities. And why is this so? Because his long-term girlfriend Liv has been having an affair with his best friend Henry, he has decided to leave her. Yikes! For AJ’s comfort during this difficult time, an old friend, Stevie, moves into his apartment. As AJ tries to get his life, and his career, back on track, we are treated to a series of hilarious adventures with Stevie throughout the season. In addition, Liv is pregnant, and the child is most likely AJ’s. Wow.

In season 2, AJ finally has a new girlfriend, the adorable Charlie, who is a delight to be around. At Stevie’s father’s funeral, AJ and Stevie put their differences aside and reconciled their relationship. Because he no longer has a job, AJ is concerned about his financial well-being. He has no idea that his real-life story could actually make for a fantastic film, but his agent Miranda has an idea, and she pitches it to a member of the media in order to find out. During the second half of the season, we see Stevie attempting to pass a driving test in order to pay tribute to her father by visiting Big Bilby, while AJ is preoccupied with attempting to make a career out of his real-life experiences.

There will be more misadventures in the lives of Stevie and AJ to look forward to in season 3.

The Other Guy season 3 Trailer

While we wait for an update on the third season of ‘The Other Guy,’ check out the slick trailer for season two!


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