The Most Guns Were Taken Away From Passengers At These US Airports
The Most Guns Were Taken Away From Passengers At These US Airports

The Most Guns Were Taken Away From Passengers At These US Airports

The number of firearms seized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in carry-on bags at airports around the country in 2013 was 6,542, which set a new record for the number of firearms seized in a single year.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) stated in a press release on Tuesday that it had found a record number of firearms at 262 different airports. This follows the trend of each year exceeding the one before it in terms of the total number of weapons confiscated, which was only halted in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The previous record, 5,972 specimens collected in 2021, was surpassed by the number for the year 2022. In the course of the past year, nearly ninety percent of the firearms that were seized were loaded.

The airports located in large cities around the country had the highest number of firearms discovered in their baggage. Hartsfield-Jackson According to the statement, the Atlanta International Airport in Georgia led the way with 448 weapons that were confiscated, which is the most ever found at an individual airport since the TSA was founded in 2001. The airport is located in Atlanta.

The George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston came in third place with 298 passengers, while the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in the state of Texas came in second place with 385.

The next airport on the list is the Nashville International Airport in Tennessee, which has a total of 213, followed by the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona, which has a total of 196. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) stated in a release that it discovered a rate of 8.6 guns per million passengers screened to be carrying firearms in their carry-on luggage. During 2022, it conducted screenings on around 761 million passengers and crew members at airports across the country.

The screening conducted by the agency resulted in the discovery of one handgun for every 116,394 passengers. According to the statement, whenever a TSA agent sees the image of a firearm on the X-ray screen, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) instantly notifies a local airport’s law enforcement department. The law enforcement officers at the airport decide what to do with the firearm and the traveler.

The Most Guns Were Taken Away From Passengers At These US Airports
The Most Guns Were Taken Away From Passengers At These US Airports

However, if a tourist is found to have a firearm in their carry-on luggage, the TSA has the authority to issue criminal citations as well as civil penalties against them. When assessing the amount of a civil liability, the agency considers various variables, including whether or not the gun was loaded and whether or not there was easy access to ammunition.

According to the announcement, firearms cannot be flown on a commercial flight unless they are unloaded, packed in a case with a lock and a hard-sided exterior, and placed in the passenger’s checked luggage. At check-in time, the passenger must disclose any firearms, ammunition, and any component of a gun they are traveling with.

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