The Lumineers
The Lumineers

Who Will Be Performing In Nashville Before The Lumineers?

The Lumineers, hailing from Denver, Colorado, are an American folk rock band. Wesley Schultz (lead vocals, guitar) and Jeremiah Fraites (bass) formed the original lineup (drums, percussion, piano). In 2005, Schultz and Fraites first collaborated on original material and lived performances in Ramsey, New Jersey. Here you will read about the details on The Lumineers Nashville concert and other information related to the concert.

Neyla Pekarek, a cellist and vocalist joined the band in 2010 and stayed till 2018. The Lumineers’ rising stardom in the 2010s attests to their status as one of the most prominent representatives of the folk-rock/Americana renaissance.

The raw, bare sound of the band is greatly influenced by Schultz and Fraites’ favorite musicians like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty. Their live performances are legendary, and their songs “Ho Hey,” “Stubborn Love,” “Ophelia,” “Angela,” and “Cleopatra” have been played all over the world. The band has risen to the ranks of the most popular touring acts in the United States and beyond.

The Beginnings

Schultz and Fraites used aliases including “Free Beer,” “6Cheek,” and “Wesley Jeremiah” when they first started working together in the music industry and performing throughout New York City. To give further context Fraites explained, “Wes and I formed a band and originally called ourselves Free Beer. At first, it seemed like a joke. We played (awful) cover songs and were a bad band.

Slowly, though, we stopped covering songs and began making our own. We made all kinds of music, from traditional folk to hard rock to electronica. There was zero cohesion; everything was a chaotic jumble.”

Schultz claims that he and Fraites changed the name of their band to The Lumineers because another band called Lumineers (a made-up word) was scheduled to perform at a club in Jersey City the week following Schultz and Fraites. It all started when the emcee incorrectly introduced Schultz and Fraites as The Lumineers.

According to Schultz, the Lumineers had a hard time breaking through in the Big Apple “It was incredibly frustrating to relocate to a location that might help us grow musically but then never have any time to focus on music since I was living in Brooklyn and working three jobs just to pay the rent. After giving it some thought, I decided to take action.”

Fraites and Schultz, in their “ignorance and naiveté,” decided to move to Denver, Colorado, in 2009 after considering moves to London, Philadelphia, and Boston. Even though Jason “Jay” Van Dyke had left the band at this point, he occasionally returned to play with them. According to Van Dyke’s lawsuit, filed against The Lumineers around 2008, Schultz and Fraites failed to give him the credit he was due.

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The Lumineers Concert Tickets

The Lumineers Concert Tickets
The Lumineers Concert Tickets

The Lumineers put on a spectacle that live music fans will appreciate since they are regarded as one of the best live acts working today. The Lumineers are a prominent live outfit who have shared the stage with major musical performers such as Soak, KALEO, and BORNS.

Do You Know How Much The Lumineers Concert Tickets Cost?

Secondary market prices for The Lumineers tickets can range widely based on various factors. Tickets to see The Lumineers can be purchased for as little as $44, with the average price being $114.

How long is a typical show by The Lumineers?

Depending on the sources, the support acts, the encore, etc., a concert could last anywhere from two to three hours. Shows by The Lumineers typically last 1.25 hours in length.

The Lumineers’ SetList

The Lumineers will likely play the following songs during concerts, though the exact order may change depending on the venue.

  • Stay in a Floor Mattress
  • Cleopatra
  • An Urban Perspective
  • Submarines
  • Winner by a Country Mile
  • Hair adorned with blossoms
  • Ho Hey
  • Gentlemen, Please Sluggish Down
  • Ophelia
  • Gloria
  • Huge Fanfare
  • Donna
  • Angela
  • Undying affection

Who Will Be Performing In Nashville Before The Lumineers?

The Lumineers will be performing in Nashville this September as part of their worldwide “Brightside” tour. In the process of selling tickets. On September 1, 2022, Thursday, Bridgestone Arena will play host to the concert. Tonight at 7:30! James Bay is our featured guest tonight.

Where To Purchase The Lumineers’ Upcoming Concert Tickets?

Use SeatGeek to search for, locate, and purchase The Lumineers tickets.

Look at the dates above to discover a performance by The Lumineers that interests you. To view all tickets for a specific version, select the date and hour that works best for you, and then click the button on the event’s right side.

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