Did The Game Ignore Eminem For 10 Minutes?
Did The Game Ignore Eminem For 10 Minutes?

Did The Game Ignore Eminem For 10 Minutes?

Compton’s own The Game, whose DRILLMATIC: Heart vs. Mind album was released on Friday, has been relentlessly probing the Detroit veteran in podcast interviews for months. Although the new album has 30 tracks and numerous guest appearances, the 10-minute insult against Eminem is garnering the most attention. Here you will read about how the game ignore Eminem for 10 minutes.

“The Black Silm Shady” doesn’t miss a beat, ranging from a modern-day Uber skit to references and beats that old-school hip-hop fans will immediately recognize as having originated with Marshall Mathers. The Game, a self-proclaimed hip hop nerd, doesn’t pull any punches in the diss track, saying he’d “want to put these hands up” and showing other forms of open disrespect for another emcee, which are typical of his generation.

Always present in rap music, but always in the spirit of healthy rivalry, beef has been a part of the genre from the beginning. If you take away the ropes, the spotlights, and the stages, all you have is a human being holding a microphone and speaking about their life.

The Game
The Game

In the same spirit that Black people make jokes at each other’s expense, emcees used to issue verbal challenges to one another. Rap beef, however, frequently continues beyond the confines of the studio and endangers not just the lives of the rap artists involved but also those of their most devoted fans.

The Game samples Jay-Z songs throughout the album and reflects on his career failures, all while lamenting the fact that hip hop legend Dr. Dre has seemingly abandoned him. The Game thought Dr. Dre picked Eminem over him in 2006 and held that to himself for almost a decade; he has also recently launched lyrical digs at Jay-Z for a conversation that went left years ago.

The Game, who has never been one to avoid a good fight, got this feud going back in March when he questioned Eminem’s place in the modern music industry. “Eminem is Eminem, I like Eminem,” he declared. He is among the best MCs in the world. As far as recently as last year, I would compare myself to Eminem and consider him superior. It’s false; he is not. You should try to beat it.

The Game’s criticism of Eminem didn’t end there; he kept it going for months, asking, “When have you ever heard Eminem in a club? Never have I heard that in the locker room before. Not to detract, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard an Eminem song played in public. Frankly, I can’t.

By attacking Eminem’s loved ones, profession, vices, and cultural naiveté, The Game is practically daring Eminem to respond in kind, despite the fact that the latter has never been one to avoid lyrical swordplay when provoked.

Despite the fact that both rappers have shown their mic talents and professional penmanship over the course of their careers, many people were hesitant when listening to The Black Slim Shady because of his habit of dropping a lot of names, and since Eminem seems to be his latest obsession. With his aggressively personal and professional attacks, The Game has definitely placed a line in the sand, and whether or not Eminem answers the call out remains to be seen.

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