The electricity grid ends up destroyed after Hurricane Ida passes through Louisiana

The electricity grid ends up destroyed after Hurricane Ida passes through Louisiana

After the passage of Hurricane Ida through Louisiana, great flooding and a general failure in the electrical system that keeps part of the population trapped.

This Monday, teams of rescuers approached aboard helicopters, boats, and large water trucks to begin evacuating as many people as possible.

After moving people forward to safer locations, utility repair specialists have begun to care for the power grid.

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Rescue logistics also took place after the social media posts by residents who had to protect themselves from the flood by climbing to the top of their homes.

Their instructions were very helpful so that rescue teams could easily locate them.

The damage from Hurricane Ida was really serious. It is estimated that more than one million residences and businesses in Louisiana, Mississippi, and all of New Orleans have been without power. Specialists say that it may take several weeks before the full service is normalized.

Ida has so far been considered the most powerful and worst-hitting hurricane to hit the United States.

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The announcements and contingency measures have not been long in coming, to which President Joe Biden is in constant communication with local authorities in Louisiana, Mississippi, and representatives of the most affected parishes. This is to take action to provide assistance and reduce the impact caused by the storm on Sunday.

On Monday afternoon, as torrential rains continued from the tropical depression, rescue teams could save some 671 people.

Local and state officials continue to coordinate assistance deployed by the communities to supply drinking water, food, tarps, and electric generators to help overcome the tragedy.

Efforts and work continue during the floods that keep a large part of the population in the only corners where the water has not yet reached.

It is a constant operation that rescues entire families in the middle of totally flooded houses to take them to safe places.

So far, there have been 4 damaged Louisiana hospitals, while about 39 medical facilities are operating with the assistance of power generators. For this reason, dozens of patients continue to be evacuated to other cities to receive medical attention.

Authorities continue to urge people who have been evacuated and remain in shelters to stay away from the area. There is not much to do as the floods subside and power and fuel supply are restored.

Final words

Preliminary measurements by meteorologists confirm the amount of rain that has affected Louisiana with the passage of Hurricane Ida. At the same time, the governor’s spokesman said that the state continues to work in conjunction with the federal government to transfer people to hotels as soon as possible.

It is a way of guaranteeing biosecurity measures to continue protecting against covid.

Meanwhile, almost 5,000 members of the National Guard have also been activated to guarantee security.

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