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The Elections Are Not Over Yet, And Larry Elder Alleges That There Was Voter Fraud In The California Withdrawal

A recall election to remove current governor Gavin Newsom will be held in California on Tuesday. With one voting day still to go, the governor’s opponent, Larry Elder, launched a hotline through a website, alleging that there was electoral fraud.

The website Tipline reported that it would investigate and solve the “twisted” results of the governor’s elections. On the other hand, the people of California were voting in a statewide recall election, in which Larry Elder, a conservative radio host, and Governor Gavin Newsom are clashing.

Many people do not know, but California is one of the 19 states in the Nation that allows recall elections, where citizens of the state can vote to remove elected officials, such as the governor. This is the 4th time such elections have been held in the history of the United States.The Elections Are Not Over Yet, And Larry Elder Alleges That There Was Voter Fraud In The California Withdrawal

Larry Elder posted a form on the Tipline website to sign a petition and request that the election is audited. Likewise, you can report on electoral fraud.

The website reads: “Join us in this fight to the best of your ability, primarily by signing our petition demanding a special session of the California legislature to investigate and improve the twisted results of this 2021 Governor Gavin Newsom Election.”

The form is also a tool to confirm that voters who cast the ballot incorrectly have little advantage over those who voted in person and that cases of undocumented voting have been discovered before the September 14 election.

On Wednesday of last week, Elder told reporters that he believed “there could very well be mischief” during the elections. NBC News reported that it is not yet known whether he will concede defeat should he lose.

On Monday, Elder told reporters: “Let’s all work together to find out if tomorrow’s elections are fair.” Insider’s Grace Kay reported that this withdrawal attempt had taken several years. Despite this, the last few months gained momentum when Newsom began to be the victim of criticism for the blockade of the coronavirus in California and the gradual reopening that has been put in place.

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Final words

Elder is the most popular of all the candidates hoping to challenge Newsom in the election. Despite knowing this, on Tuesday morning, the FiveThirtyEight voting site carried out an estimate and calculated that 57% of Californians want to keep Newsom in office, while 42% want to remove him.

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