The Covid Vaccine For Kids 5-11 Will Start This Week, What Parents Need To Know


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PfizerBioNTech approved the vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 and it will come on the same point behind time this week, with some parents consulting their pediatricians about its availableness.

The vaccine will be available soon in the mid-week, a Centers For Disease Control Prevention counseling panel scheduled to meet Tuesday and Wednesday.  After that conference, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky is awaited to open the gates to vaccinating the kids of age 5-11.

Some Things Parents Need To Know

When Will Vaccine Be Available In Indiana?

The health officer of the state said that in the last weekend 200,000 doses are gone to Indiana this week. This number of doses is enough to vaccinate those who want to get vaccinated at first, said Dr. Lindsay Weaver, chief medical officer for the Indiana Department of Health.

How Can I Vaccinate My Child?

So many sites are offering vaccines to children, it also includes local departments, hospitals, pediatrician offices, and pharmacies.

The health department has increased the dates of its clinic at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The clinic will unroll on November 20 and, when it is accepted, they will be giving vaccines to kids.

Can I Make An Appointment For My Children To Be Vaccinated?

Once the federal government gives the green light, the Indiana Department of Health will soon open the pre-registration at The website is ready to accept the kids who are under 12 but for now, if you go on to this option, a line will come up and say that the age group is not available to register. A parent can make appointments by dialing 211.

What Changes We Can See In The Children’s Vaccine?

The vaccine is as similar as the adult vaccine, it also has two vaccine shots, set at least three weeks apart. The vaccine dose for kids one-third of adult vaccine, said Dr. James Wood, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Riley Hospital for Children.

“They were able to show that a smaller dose produced the same amount of antibodies as in adults,” he said. “Anytime we can use a lower dose, that’s fewer side effects.”

The vaccine will be available in different packaging like purple for adults and orange for kids so that the doses can’t be mixed up. Children’s arms are smaller as compared to adults, smaller needled will be used, Wood said.

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The Vaccine Can Show Side Effects To Children?

The researchers found the same side effect can be seen in kids like soreness, arms, chills, and fever.

That means they can schedule vaccine whenever it is comfortable for the kids like if he doesn’t have to attend a big game or birthday party. That doesn’t mean avoid it altogether, Wood said.

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