The Best 5 Apps to Spy on Boyfriend's Phone

The Best 5 Apps to Spy on Boyfriend’s Phone

Having a relationship doesn’t mean that you’ll always be having a good time. Sometimes, insecurities come, resulting in a lack of trust. If you’re stuck in a situation like this, you can spy on boyfriend by using these recommended apps.

Concerning Problems with Boyfriend

A relationship could be a little problematic at certain times. You can’t expect your love life to be all beautiful. Sometimes, there are problems that may divide you with your partner.

One problem is lack of communication, and there are plenty of reasons behind this. It could be that both of you are busy with work or studies, but it could be anything. To see what’s wrong, you can freely use the boyfriend spy app for call history tracker.

Top Apps to Spy on Boyfriend’s Phone

The answer to your curiosity is using the spy app. It’s possible to spy on boyfriend’s phone for free, but it’s risky. Instead of this, use these apps instead:

1. eyeZy

To answer the question on “how to track my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing?” you can use eyeZy anytime. It has a bunch of useful features you may use to track your boyfriend’s online activity.

For example, this app has browser history checking to monitor what your boyfriend has opened in his browser, the ability to set forbidden zones, and other useful functions. To use eyeZy properly, you still need some time to install it, which is hard and risky. This could worsen your relationship with your boyfriend, further destroying his trust.

2. mSpy

The first spying app you may try is mSpy. The app has been long known to be the best spying app for its features. By installing just this one app, you already have a set of good spying tools, including

  • GPS tracking,
  • calls, and messenger monitoring,
  • social media checking,
  • and even screen recording.

Aside from parental control, you may use these features to spy on your boyfriend in real-time! The app does come with a price, but it’s always worth every penny.

3. Mobicip

With Mobicip, you can easily track any online habits your boyfriend has been doing. See what he’s up to on social media, and check any contacts he has on his phone. Although Mobicip has quite a lot of features, such as screen time management, app blocking, location sites, and YouTube monitoring, surely you want to make sure everything works properly.

But several reports said that the app could be easily bypassed by doing some work. It also has an awkward iOS configuration that could make you stressed.

4. Safespy

You can also spy on your boyfriend app by using Safespy. Just like its name states, the app gives you abilities to track someone’s phone in secret. Simply install the app to obtain any information within the phone, including the contacts, messages, calls, conversations on social media, and other functions.

The problem with the app is the requirement for physical access, which is hard and tricky.

5. Minspy

Last but not least, there’s a spying app called Minspy. Similar to any other platforms we’ve mentioned, Minspy works in a great way to track anyone’s phone easily. By installing the app, you may utilize all the available functions, including tracking the information data like calls, apps, locations, and messages.

The app itself is intuitive and easy to use, although there’s one problem. To properly use it, you need time to install the app on the boyfriend’s phone. It’s definitely risky and could make you caught in the act if you’re not careful.


You can opt for any app to spy on boyfriend’s phone because of conflicts that happen in your relationship. If talking the problems out is not working, it’s time to seek other ways. If you need to fill your curiosity, you may try the apps above to see the ultimate truth about your boyfriend’s behavior.


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