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The 100 Season 8 Is On It’s Way? Fans Should Know These Things Before Waiting For The Show!

The 100 which is also known as the 100 is an American drama which is created by Jason Rothenberg. The show is adapted from the Kass Morgan’s novel, The 100.

The show was out in March 19, 2014 only on for the CW, however at this time it is also available on some other platforms.

The series show-cases number of stars in it that are the amin part of the narrate, Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), Finn Collins (Thomas McDonell), Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos), Jasper Jordan (Devon Bostick), Monty Green (Christopher Larkin), and John Murphy (Richard Harmon).

They all are the people wo belongs to the space environment which is known as The Ark in the story. They decided to went back to their planet after finding some major things of the outer world.

What About The Release Date of The 100 Season 8?

At this time there is no official statement regarding to the development or the production of the 100 Season 8.

According to the reports, one of the show maker Rothenberg said: “What I can say is in terms of whether or not it’s going to happen is that there are discussions that are still happening at the highest level…there is a chance, a good chance, I guess, that it could come back.”

So, the show has a 50-50% chances to be back on our screens. However, no definite answer is in front of us.

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What About Storyline of “The 100 Season 8”?

At the end of the final installment we see the aliens from the Sanctum decided to find a new way that will allow them to live peacefully with each other after the fight that happened in the previous season which happened between the Dark Commander.

On the other hand of the story we see a fight happened between Clarke and other individauls in the story who has already thought that Clarke is the only person who has the winning key, that would help them to win the battle.

The seasons also covers some of the question which is left unanswered from the previous seasons, it also tell what about the Anomaly is that is hinted in the sixth season.

As of now, they get the knowlege that the planets are in link together which is not a major reason to worry at first but when they discovered that the earth is one of the six, they become shcoked.

During this period, we see Bellamy also decided to return back to the place who is vanished in the previous act.

The Dark Commander is killed by Indra that shows the win of humanity on the evil… Clarke returned back to the earth where she finds her friends and other mates.

Now coming to the storyline of the eight installment it is not revealed at this time, just like the dates but we can assume that the show has chances to start from where it ends in the previous  season that we have talked above what are your views on this, share your audits with us!

The Hundred Season 8- Characters Information!

Well, if there be a season 8 of the 100 then it has chances to bring back our old characters as well as some of the new characters in the show, here we have listed them all in this post just for the readers.

  • Paige Turco as Abigail “Abby” Griffin
  • Thomas McDonell as Finn Collins
  • Eli Goree as Wells Jaha 
  • Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake
  • Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake
  • Kelly Hu as Callie “Cece” Cartwig
  • Christopher Larkin as Monty Green
  • Devon Bostick as Jasper Jordan
  • Isaiah Washington as Thelonious Jaha
  • Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane
  • Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes
  • Ricky Whittle as Lincoln 
  • Richard Harmon as John Murphy 
  • Zach McGowan as Roan

The 100 Season 8

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The 100 Season 8- Official Teaser

The Official teaser of the 100 Season 8 is not out yet but it has chances to be out just before the actual release of the show which is not confirmed at this time…. To get the dates we have to wait a bit more!

But no worries when we get more information regarding to the release then we will surely update more in the same post, till then stay tuned with us! Till then you can enjoy this fan-made version which is quite good to watch.

Hope you find our post helpful, stay tuned with us for more information regarding to the same or any other entertainment media.

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