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Texas Residents Are Upset By Migrants Being Transported By School Buses

For months now, many residents of Texas border cities have expressed their discontent and said they feel the federal government has abandoned them due to high rates of illegal immigrant income and border arrests, which are reaching highs of 20 years ago.

Under the International Bridge that connects Del Río with Ciudad Acuña (Mexico), around 16 thousand immigrants take refuge in the site under precarious conditions, causing the resentment of the population to increase exponentially.

A local lawyer made a post on the social network Facebook on Friday, in which he reported that buses destined for the transportation of students were being used to transport mostly Haitian migrants to legal processing facilities.

Jacques De La Mota wrote, along with images of a yellow school bus that was picking up migrants in the dark: “¡THE SAME BUSES THAT OUR CHILDREN WILL TRAVEL ON MONDAY!”

This post was shared 1,400 times on average and had more than 300 comments from many residents concerned about illness. However, some said it was all about racism in disguise. “This post is giving me segregation vibes,” read one comment.

The school district superintendent took it upon himself to calm the waters by explaining that only two buses were provided to provide the service, which is not currently used to transport students to schools.

On the other hand, De La Mota told Reuters that he was simply concerned about the health and angry that the district enlisted to help solve a federal problem.

This city has approximately 35,000 students, and the uproar over school buses is just one example of how dissatisfied the population is with the immigrant problem. About 85% of the community is Hispanic American in this area, and their largest employer is Laughlin Air Force Base.

Most residents are also furious about the closure of the International Bridge that was ordered on Friday, an order promoted by the multitude of immigrants who were entering the town, causing serious economic problems on both sides of the border.

On Saturday, a small group of residents gathered to protest, and a woman carried a sign that read “BIDEN CRISIS FRONTERIZA.” Similarly, a local journalist managed to see a black van driving through the city with a flag that read “FUCK BIDEN.”

Last week, a driver crossed the bridge while it was still open and looked at the crowded migrants and complained that Del Rio residents could move to Mexico as well.

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Final words

Val Verde County, whose county seat is Del Rio, elected Donald Trump over Joe Biden by a 10-point margin in the 2020 election, with some endorsing his hardline immigration policies. Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano has had no qualms about calling his fellow Democratic president.

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