Texas Republicans Rejoice as Tesla Ditches California HQ


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Texas Republicans have invited Elon Musk after he affirmed he will be moving his Tesla base camp from California to the Lone Star state.

Musk made the declaration about the movement, which had been supposed for a very long time, during the yearly gathering of investors in Austin on Thursday.

“Just to be clear, though, we will be continuing to expand our activities in California. This is not a matter of Tesla leaving California,” Musk said. “Our intention is to actually increase our output from Fremont (California) and from Giga, Nevada, by 50 percent.”

Musk by and by moved to Austin from Los Angeles last year.

Following the Tesla declaration, the Texas Governor tweeted a message of help for the move, which started with “Texas” and “Tesla” and the handshake emoticon between them.

“Elon Musk announces Tesla’s new headquarters will move to Austin. The Lone Star State is the land of opportunity and innovation. Welcome,” Abbott tweeted.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Michael McCaul additionally tweeted: “Welcome to Texas,” while sharing news stories of Musk’s declaration.

The remark from Abbott showed up after he recently asserted in a meeting with CNBC that Musk “had to get out of California” because it was too liberal while claiming that the Tesla CEO ” because it was too liberal while claiming that the Tesla CEO “consistently tells me that he likes the social policies in the state of Texas.”

Abbott made the case as Texas presented a questionable early termination charge that boycotts the system in practically all conditions after around a month and a half.

In light of a clasp of the meeting, Musk tweeted to CNBC correspondent Michael Sheetz: “as a rule, I accept government ought to seldom force its will upon individuals, and, while doing as such, ought to try to amplify their aggregate satisfaction.

“That said, I would prefer to stay out of politics.”

In April 2020, Musk suddenly erupted at California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom’s visit at-home requests in the midst of the COVID pandemic, alluding to the limitations as “fundamentalist.”

“To say that they cannot leave their house, and they will be arrested if they do, this is fascist,” Musk said during Tesla’s Q1, 2020 earnings call. “This is not democratic. This is not freedom. Give people back their goddamn freedom.”

Austin Mayor Steve Adler also released a statement saying: “We welcome Tesla home!”

“It’s a tech company that creates the clean manufacturing, middle-skill jobs Austin needs,” Adler added, via KXAN.

“We’re one of the safest big cities, with a strong innovative, entrepreneurial, environmentally focused culture and Tesla fits right in. Tesla is now an even larger part of a community that works together to meet our challenges and to enjoy a magical city.”

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