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Tesla’s Rival Launched Created America’s Fastest Car

Lucid is a recognized brand of modern electric cars in the United States. On Friday, they unveiled their new creation. The Lucid Air Dream Edition can reach 837 km on a single charge, 200 km more than its rival, Tesla.

Likewise, Lucid announced to the media that its first Air Dream Edition luxury electric sedan received an official autonomy rating greater than 830 km, which allows them to currently recognize it as the electric vehicle with the longest autonomy in the USA.

The announcement was made after the company received official qualification from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a body that is responsible for certifying the range of electric vehicles sold in the country.

In this sense, the agency rated the Lucid Air Dream Edition, giving it an official range of 823 km on a single charge. It means that it is almost 200 km longer than its Tesla Model S Long Range opponent, which has 651 km of range.

Lucid Motor CEO and former Tesla Model S sedan chief engineer Peter Rawlinson stated that the official rank of the Air Dream Edition is a number that is a new record for all-electric vehicles. The ratings have bolstered Lucid’s shares in the stock market, rising more than eight percent after the report was released.

Lucid is based in California and has been known as the great rival of the Tesla brand over the years, due to its claims about making electric cars with world ranks. Officially, they made their Nasdaq debut in July, after completing their merger with a company that was backed by Michael Klein, the Wall Street negotiator, in a deal that valued the company at a total of $ 24 billion.

Final words

The company estimates that it will build fewer than 500 copies of the Air Dream Edition electric luxury sedan have the 823 km range. This electric car is likely to cost around $ 169,000. Likewise, they were in charge of calculating, and they estimated that the Grand Touring version of the automaker’s Air sedan has a range of around 830 km. Experts expect the Lucid Air version to start production this year and cost $ 139,000. All other variations of the vehicle have estimated ranges over 700 km.

This company will manufacture its electric cars at its Casa Grande facility in Arizona. This electric vehicle manufacturing unit was manufactured less than a year ago and is expected to start production processes later this year. Last month, the company reported that it would begin the deliveries of the Air Dream Edition luxury electric sedans later this year.

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