Ted Cruz’s Jibe On Newsom’s Mexico Vacation Backfires

Ted Cruz’s Jibe On Newsom’s Mexico Vacation Backfires

While California battles Covid-19 and is functioning under a strict and indefinite state of emergency due to the pandemic their Governor Gavin Newsom has taken time off to enjoy lounging for Thanksgiving in Mexico.

The authorities have swept in powers due to the declaration of an alarming situation, while their leader is away on a vacation. While speaking to the media Newsom’s team told that there isn’t a straitjacket formula as to when the restrictions would be lifted, it would depend on positive developments as and when they come.

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, who was Newsom’s opponent in the September recall election, authored a blog post, “The rule of law is officially a thing of the past.”
It did not end there as Kiley also took to Twitter to write, “With California in the throes of a ‘State of Emergency,’ Governor Newsom is vacationing in Mexico for the next week.” Once the news was out that the governor along with his kin would be taking time off in Cabo San Lucas.

When Sen. Ted Cruz tried to join the bandwagon to bash Newsom, in a tweet quoting Kiley, people found it a poor attempt at humor, and distasteful. He wrote, “Cancun is much nicer than Cabo,” hinting towards his now-infamous holiday during a lethal snowstorm in Texas this year itself.

Users were quick to react and take a swing at the Senator and wrote comments such as “Remember when 700+ people died in the winter freeze that our senator abandoned us during and Texas had the biggest carbon monoxide poisoning in recent history,” one user wrote. “Me too, bc I was freezing in my home with the rest of the state.”

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Ted Cruz had to apologize and call his own act a mistake, but with such an attempt at humor, it most likely seems it was just an attempt to put out the fire.
“In hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it,” the Senator said, adding it had been his “intention to work remotely,” but it became “more compelling” for him to return as talk grew about the irresponsible trip.

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