Taylor Townsend Wins Her First Grand Slam As A Mother With Serena Williams And Kim Clijsters

Taylor Townsend, who had just won her first Grand Slam match as a mother at the 2023 Australian Open, complimented Serena Williams and Kim Clijsters by providing her with wise counsel on her comeback to tennis after giving birth. Townsend had given birth to her first child less than a year earlier.

The pregnant American woman had resorted to social media in October 2020 to break the news to her followers that she was expecting a child; she gave birth to a son named Adyn Aubrey in March 2021. In order to reestablish herself on the WTA Tour, she competed in ITF events and increased the number of doubles competitions that she participated in during the previous season.

“I definitely did seek advice from Serena and Kim Clijsters gave me a lot of advice. She’s so chill and so relaxed. She was, like, just take your time. You know, enjoy it. That was my plan anyway, but to hear — she’s really the OG person that started, like, having a baby and then coming back.

“Her advice was very important to me because, like, she did it and she lived it, and then came back better, won a slam, and then bounced out. I think it’s the best way to, like, do things,” said Townsend.

She went on to discuss being a mother and revealed that Clijsters had given her the advice to enjoy her time as a parent and not try too hard to make a comeback to the professional tennis circuit.

“[Clijsters’] advice was just, like, really enjoy being a mom, don’t rush, and take your time because you don’t want to come back, like, feeling pressure or anything like that. That was kind of like my mentality when I was coming back. I want to enjoy being a mother,” Townsend added.

Taylor Townsend Wins Her First Grand Slam As A Mother With Serena Williams And Kim Clijsters
Taylor Townsend Wins Her First Grand Slam As A Mother With Serena Williams And Kim Clijsters

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“I Feel Like What Serena Williams And Venus Has Done Is Still At Another Level” – Coco Gauff

At the same time, emerging tennis prodigy Coco Gauff addressed her childhood heroes Venus and Serena Williams during her press conference for the 2023 Australian Open. She stated that the iconic sister combo are on a completely other level than everyone else.

The young woman made the point that the achievements of the Williams sisters were “extremely hard to get to,” and as a result, there was no pressure on her to live up to their standards as a result of this observation.

“I feel like not really. I feel like what Serena Williams and Venus has done is still at another level. I feel like it’s very hard to, I guess, feel like you belong on that level or that you should take over that mantle that they did,” she said.

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