taylor lautner fiance
taylor lautner fiance

Who Is Taylor Lautner Fiance Taylor Dome?

Taylor Dome and Taylor Lautner were linked for the first time in 2018, and in 2021, they said they were getting married. Taylor Lautner got together with a girl because of his sister, Makena Moore.

Moore first set up Taylor Dome and Taylor Lautner when he took a break from acting. He told, “I wanted to take a step back, enjoy life, and spend time with my family and friends.” “It led to me meeting my fiancee, so it all worked out.”

The two started dating in 2018, and the Twilight actor asked her to marry him in November 2021. Lautner told his fans about the engagement by posting pictures of the ring on Instagram. He wrote, “And just like that, all my dreams came true.”

Dome also posted the same picture to her own Instagram with the caption, “My very best friend is… I can’t wait to be with you for the rest of my life.” Who is the essential woman in Lautner’s life? Here are some important facts about Taylor Dome.

Taylor Dome

Dome is a nurse and mental health influencer. Dome debuted LEMONS by Tay in 2022. Her Instagram post promotes mental health workouts, advice, and resources on the site.

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She Was Introduced To Lautner By His Sister


Dome is a close friend of Lautner’s sister, Makena Moore, and the actor gives all the credit to his sister for putting them together. “My sister Makena was the one who put us together,” he told PEOPLE. “She called me up and said, “Dude, I found your future wife. It would help if you talked to this girl. And everything else is history.”

In 2022, when he was on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Lautner gave more details. He told Clarkson, “It’s just my sister and me, so we’re close. She’s always said she’d introduce me to my future wife, and I said, ‘Sure.'”

The actor said that Moore brought him and Dome together using Lautner’s love of games. “I like game nights a lot. She’s like, “Hold a game night, invite me and some of my friends, and I’ll bring Tay. She’ll be one of them, and you two can meet,’ “He remembered. “We got along really well, and the rest is history.”

She’s Lautner’s “Biggest fan”

Dome doesn’t work in entertainment, but she supports her future husband’s career. She often posts about Lautner’s successes on Instagram. In January 2022, she celebrated her fiance’s new project, Home Team, with an Instagram post.

“Proud is an understatement. Proud of this movie and how much it makes people laugh and feel good. I’m happy that you’re back out there doing what you love. Happy with the great man you’ve become, “she typed. “I’m your biggest fan.”

Dome and Lautner will walk their first red carpet together in April 2022. She posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend on the red carpet at the CMT Awards with the caption, “First carpet with my favorite person by my side.”

When Lautner Proposed, She Couldn’t Say A Word

Lautner told Access Hollywood all about his proposal after he asked her to marry him. He also said that his fiancee had trouble saying “yes,” but not because she wasn’t interested.

“I don’t want anything special,” she has always said. I don’t want anything big or impressive. Do it in the kitchen,’ she said. “He talked about it and then told me that the kitchen is essential to their relationship.

“I love to cook, so I always make our food in the kitchen, and we just eat at the counter,” he said. “And she says, “That’s all I want one night after we eat in the kitchen. Simple.'” Lautner did propose in a way that was in line with what his now-fiancée wanted, but he gave it a little extra flair.

taylor lautner fiance

“A lot of flowers, candles, and a sign were sent to me. So, at the end of a long day at work, when she got home, she walked into that, “he said. “What a nice surprise!”  The actor who played Dome in “Abduction” said that Dome took a long time to answer, which caught him by surprise.

“Because she was crying so hard, it did take her a little longer than expected to say “yes.” She couldn’t even approach me, “He thought back. “So I was on the mark, but I had to leave it to get her and pick her up because she was crying. It only took a moment, but it was nice.”

She Is Change The Surname Lautner

Lautner revealed on The Kelly Clarkson Show that his fiancée is changing her last name once they get married, which means these lovebirds will have the same first and last name. Cause we already share one name, so it’s going to be extra complicated,” Lautner told Clarkson. He called the situation “ridiculous,” even joking, “I’m a narcissist.”

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