If Taylor Greene Had Organized The Capitol Attack On January 6, She Claims The Attackers “Would Have Been Armed”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, stated on Saturday that she and former Trump strategist Steve Bannon “would’ve been armed” if they had organized the riot that occurred on January 6, 2021, in the United States Capitol.

The legislator from the far right attempted to hit back at allegations that she was involved in some way in the planning of the disturbance in the Capitol while she was speaking at a dinner for the New York Young Republicans Club.

“Then on January 6 something happened. And before you knew it, I had orchestrated the whole affair, together with Steve Bannon who was present here. And if you want to know something else, it would have been to our advantage if Steve Bannon and I had orchestrated it. Taylor Greene informed those in attendance that the vehicle in question would have been armed.

“See, that pretty much sums up the joke doesn’t it? They claim that the entire event was premeditated, and I’m thinking to myself, are you kidding me? They think that we recruited a group of people who support the Second Amendment to go into the Capitol without guns, but those people are conservatives. According to footage that has been released online, Taylor Greene was added.

Greene, an outspoken admirer of former President Trump, has long supported his erroneous assertions that there was fraud during the presidential election in 2020. She was questioned earlier this year about her role in the efforts to derail the certification of President Biden’s win by the House select committee that was investigating Jan. 6.

Many of the people who came to support Trump in Washington on January 6 did bring weapons, and the founders of a militia group called the Oath Keepers were convicted guilty of seditious conspiracy just a month ago. It has been stated that members of the organization planned for that day by storing guns in luggage at a motel in Virginia as part of their preparations for that day.

If Taylor Greene Had Organized The Capitol Attack On January 6, She Claims The Attackers Would Have Been Armed
If Taylor Greene Had Organized The Capitol Attack On January 6, She Claims The Attackers Would Have Been Armed

On the morning of January 6, President Trump is said to have complained that some of his armed supporters were unable to join the crowd at his speech at the Ellipse and then called on those same supporters to march to the Capitol, according to a former White House aide named Cassidy Hutchinson. Hutchinson was working for the White House at the time.

The audience at the event that took place on Saturday was told by Gavin Wax, the head of the New York Young Republicans Club, that Republicans “want war” against the left.

“We want to go beyond the Rubicon,” you said. We want complete war. We have to ensure that we are ready to do war in every environment. In the news outlets. In the courtroom of the trial. At the polling station. And in the streets,” Wax was quoted as saying by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

This is the only language that those on the left can comprehend. “The language of undiluted power in its purest form,” Wax continued.

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