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Taylor Elects Woolley Over Garza For Mayor’s Office

With Mayor Rick Sollars all set to face trial in January over bribery conspiracy,
Taylor’s voters were to choose between Tim Woolley, City Council chairman
and former council Alex Garza.

All the seats of the city council were contested upon, and only 3 officeholders
running were running. Therefore many new guns jumped into the electoral race,
and help clear the city’s corrupt past. It was also the central issue the candidates
were expected to speak and act upon in their bid to woo the voters.
Both the candidates spoke their minds about the FBI Raids on the doors of the
City Hall and the Mayor’s residence questioned Rick Sollars’s shady activities
as the elected. The candidates narrowed in, calling for transparency and

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Although Sollars maintains his innocence, several others charged including
real estate giants like Shady Awad, have pleaded guilty to being part of the
bribery nexus still emerging.

On his second term, Rick Sollars registered himself as a write-in candidate,
hoping to pull a stunning victory over the others, as he gained support from
Rev. Jeff Jones, who stood third in the primary, a step above Sollars himself.
The primary elections held in August showed, voters, leaning towards State Rep.
Alex Garza. However the General elections saw Woolley sweep the show with
over 59% of votes in his favor, and Garza garnering approximately 31% of the
vote share.

Woolley shall now be seen resigning from his current City Council seat, post a
meeting on Wednesday and then be sworn in as the governor of Taylor.

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