Syracuse Police Discuss Safety After Elton John's JMA Dome Concert
Syracuse Police Discuss Safety After Elton John's JMA Dome Concert

Syracuse Police Discuss Safety After Elton John’s JMA Dome Concert

People were jammed into the JMA Wireless Dome’s concourse approximately fifteen to twenty minutes before the Saturday night event began, creating a chaotic scene. Concertgoer Christopher Salsbery remarked, “If something occurred, we were just stuck there, fire or anything, you would have to climb over people.”

Even though the venue featured multiple entrances, Elton John’s arrival required closing a section of the concourse. The Syracuse Police Department claims they had a total force available for the concert and even sent more cops to The Dome for the sake of the performer’s safety.

Lieutenant Matthew Malinowski of the Syracuse Cops Department noted, “We had more police than we have had in a long time in The Dome.” To get the musician to the stage and briefly close off a section of the concourse, “so we surely had enough officers,” the narrator says.

The 2019 Syracuse-Clemson game was not the first time attendance at The Dome reached capacity. It took months of planning, according to Syracuse Police, but the show with Elton John couldn’t be rehearsed with the same number of people.

Lt. Malinowski remarked, “Moving 35,000 people into and out of a venue is a tough lift.” But with the help of the fire department, police, security personnel, and everyone working in the Dome, we managed to get things under control.

Police Discuss People Safety
Police Discuss People Safety

Chief Faculties Officer at Syracuse University Pete Sala said, “The Elton John concert, like so many other events at The Dome, was extraordinarily well attended.” “While we always advise customers to arrive as early as possible, there are times when the concourse is bustling. In addition, there was a high demand for concert merch, which led to long wait times. For upcoming concerts, we intend to relocate the items to the outside.

The police have assured the gathering that there will be safety presentations accessible so that everyone would know what to do in the event of an emergency.

On September 17 at noon, Syracuse University football will host Perdue in the next big event at The Dome. With the Orange off to a hot start to the season, an increased audience is to be anticipated. SU’s football coach, Dino Babers, is crossing his fingers that any problems with The Dome will be resolved by the weekend.

“Pete Sala and those people are doing a terrific job with that,” Babers gushed. If what happened on Saturday was indicative of what’s to come, I’m glad they usually do such a great job and hope it was an anomaly.

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