Mandina's Shooting Suspect Allegedly Killed
Mandina's Shooting Suspect Allegedly Killed

Suspect in Mandina’s M*rder Arrested For Teen’s Ki!!ing in Texas!

A 15-year-old Texas boy was ki!!ed outside a Houston apartment complex eight days after the Chalmette man was accused of ki!!ing a restaurant employee outside Mandina’s last month.

According to a court document submitted in Harris County (Texas) District Court, the Houston Police Department used a ballistics match to connect 22-year-old Kyron Fazande to a gun used in the teen’s m*rder in Texas on May 6 as well as three other crime scenes in New Orleans, including another homicide that occurred in September 2019.

Fazande is also accused of sh00ting a 54-year-old Chicago woman eating at Mandina’s when Hilbert Walker III was fatally sh*t outside. Walker was fired in January 2021 in St. Bernard Parish, and Fazande admitted to the sh00ting and was released on probation.

According to Fox 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti, sufficient proof exists to keep Fazande incarcerated.

“This goes beyond (Code of Criminal Procedure) 404b, showing a pattern of behavior,” Raspanti declared. “They actually have physical evidence that links him to these other crimes. So, this is stuff that’s going to get into evidence and it’s a cumulative effect. I think he’s going to have a lot of problems.”

Mandina's Shooting Suspect Allegedly Killed

When Fazande was apprehended earlier this month at an apartment in the city, police say they seized a weapon that they believe was used in the m*rder of a teen who was allegedly seen at the complex on May 6 looking into parked cars while wearing all-black clothing and a black ski mask.

The teen was found lying on his back between two vehicles in the complex’s carport after being fatally sh0t in the head.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, numerous witnesses heard a gunsh*t and saw a thin man running from the scene on foot.

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Investigators discovered that Fazande and his girlfriend were residing in a woman’s apartment in the complex after traveling from New Orleans three days earlier.

Clothing that matched that of the suspect seen fleeing the scene of the teen’s sh00ting was found during a search of the apartment.

The gun that was used in the crimes was also discovered by police; it was concealed inside the girlfriend’s suitcase in a purse that was wrapped in men’s underwear.

If prosecutors believe the evidence supports a case against her, Raspanti says Fazande’s girlfriend might be charged as an accessory or obstructing justice.

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When detectives questioned the girlfriend, she admitted that she and Fazande had gone shopping at a nearby Walmart on May 6 early in the morning.

Fazande wore the same clothes that witnesses later reported they had seen on the teen’s suspected sh00ter in video surveillance footage taken from the store.

If Houston authorities decide to hold Fazande for trial in the teen’s m*rder first, he may not appear in a Louisiana courtroom for some time even though he has not been deported there.

Raspanti advises Jason Williams, the district attorney for Orleans Parish, to advance his cases.

Raspanti said, “If they have to take him to trial, they will.” “This is a murder. They should go forward with it.”

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