Supernatural Season 16
Supernatural Season 16

Supernatural Season 16: Will The Fans Ever Get Another Season?

The dark fantasy drama that every teen lived for, “Supernatural” was a show that made us believe in the existence of supernatural beings. Sam and Dean chasing and hunting the ghosts, demons, and every other supernatural creature by putting their lives in danger make us all want for more. The story revolved around how their father who originally tracked and hunted demonic creatures raised them to fight these supernatural things. Sadly, after losing their mother to one powerful supernatural force, the brothers began their quest to dig out the truths of all the supernatural force beings and in the journey, they are subjected to betrayal. 

The duo had many new and old enemies and with “Supernatural Season 15” being the last season that aired on the screen, fans are looking forward to “Supernatural Season 16”. But is it ever going to happen or was that the last of the series? Let’s find out all the news about “Supernatural Season 16”.

What Is The Possible Storyline of “Supernatural Season 16”?

As we have seen that season 15 ended with Dean getting killed while they were on a hunt whereas he asked his brother, Sam to swear to never bring him back to life, the audiences were literally shattered. So, in “Supernatural Season 15,” we can see that Sam is living with his son and ends up dying peacefully. The brothers will be reuniting in heaven and they will be hugging each other after finally meeting each other. 

Supernatural Season 16
Supernatural Season 16

In “Supernatural Season 16,” there won’t be much of a story to tell. So, what can be expected in “Supernatural Season 16”? Hopefully, the story will revolve around Sam’s son and him trying to follow his father, Sam’s legacy. Besides, we can expect some other spin-offs as well because the story of Dean and Sam has come to a peaceful end.

What Can Be The Cast of “Supernatural Season 16”?

Well, the cast of “Supernatural Season 16” can be the same as the other seasons. However, the original leads of the show might be missing from the main action “Supernatural Season 16” as they are dead in the show. They can make frequent appearances in flashbacks as well. As far as our understanding, “Supernatural Season 16” will have:

Supernatural Season 16 Cast
Supernatural Season 16 Cast
  • Jared Padalecki playing Sam Winchester
  • Jensen Ackles playing Dean Winchester
  • Alexander Calvert playing Jack Kline and Belphegor
  • Misha Collins playing Castiel

Is There Going To Be “Supernatural Season 16”?

We know that all your hopes are high surrounding the release of “Supernatural Season 16”. But we hate to be the ones who have to break the sad news to you. Well, there won’t be “Supernatural Season 16”. As a matter of fact, the popular show ended after its finale season, “Supernatural Season 15”.

Misha Collins once said to TVLine during an interview, “I’m stunned that the show is going as long as it is, not because I ever thought that it should be cancelled or wouldn’t survive, but I joined in season four and I thought … ‘Well, this is probably somewhere near the end of the show.’” “Originally, five was going to be the end of it.”

Moreover, the show already continued more than its original timeline. So, “Supernatural Season 16” is a far-fetched team that might not happen. However, the good news is that the show is returning for a spin-off series, “The Winchesters”. Here, you will get to know how the boys got to know how the demon-hunting Winchesters happened. As the news goes by, it is heard that “The Winchesters Season 1” has completed filming and it is expected to release in the fall of 2022.

Where Can You Watch “Supernatural Season 16”?

Since the show has always been running on The CW, you can catch up on all the seasons of “Supernatural Season 16”, starting from season 1 to 15 on The CW only. This has been an iconic show and it will live up to the expectations that it had set.

Sadly, you won’t be getting “Supernatural Season 16” but there will be a spin-off coming soon to blow your mind. It will definitely remind you of the legendary seasons that have awakened so many emotions for you.

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