What Is The Net Worth of Stray Kids? Are They Really Making $2–$3 Millions Each?


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If you want to know what’s going on with the popular JYP Entertainment boy bands, you need to pay attention to Stray Kids. This group of eight people came together in 2017 on a variety show, and since then, all of their music has gotten a lot of attention from the public. Also, each member has become well-known for what they do on their own. The members have made a pretty good amount of money from all of these activities and projects.

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Stray Kids Net Worth

We can never know how much money K-Pop idols earn actually. However, it can be estimated by taking into account the various aspects of their activities. Stray Kids’ net worth is approximately over $30 Million, where each member is worth $2–$3 Million. Stray Kids have other projects besides their music, so it’s possible that their net worth is over $48.29 Million. In a year, Stray Kids are estimated to have earned $6.02 million.



Bang Chan’s Net Worth

Bang Chan was in the Hip-Hop group 3RACHA before he joined Stray Kids. Not only that, but he is the leader of the band Stray Kids and also produces, raps, and sings. As a member of Stray Kids, he is said to be worth about $3 million and to have made a $5 million salary. He is thought to be the wealthiest member of Stray Kids.

In 2018, he also did things with Stray Kids and put out his second EP, I Am Who, and then I Am You. Over 220,000 copies of the EPs were sold. Considering how much he’s grown since he started out, his salary and net worth may be over $5 Million in 2022.

Changbin’s  Net Worth

Changbin is also known as a producer who has worked on songs by Stray Kids, just like Bang Chan. Changbin was a member of 3RACHA before he made his solo debut, so he was used to writing rap lyrics. Changbin makes money as a member of Stray Kids and also as a solo artist. In 2020, Changbin made about $1.5 million as a solo artist. It is thought that he is worth more than $3.5 million right now.

Lee Know’s Net Worth

Lee Know is a member of the band Stray Kids and is the main dancer. Lee Know’s estimated net worth over the past 5 years is between $2 and $5 million, according to many sources. Since he made his debut with Stray Kids, Lee Know has become well-known and famous.

His salary and net worth are thought to be between $2 and $10 million (outside his main salary). After going through hard times in the past, where he trained for only 3 months at JYP Entertainment, Lee Know became well-known. So it’s no surprise that he has a lot of money right now.

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Felix’s Net Worth

Felix joined the group as the main rapper and dancer. He is also known as the God’s Menu rapper. Felix had already worked before he joined JYP Entertainment as a trainee, and he was already known to the public as a JYP trainee a year before he made his debut. Felix has been on many different stages, so it’s not surprising that he has a lot of money.

Stray Kids have a net worth of about $30 million, and each member only gets a small salary because of a budget cut. Felix’s estimated earnings are $1.5 million. He got his money from writing music for multiple mixtapes, such as the song “GLOW” from 2018 and the most recent mixtape.

Han’s Net Worth

We all know that Han can sing, write songs, and make his own music. Han was already known to a lot of people before his debut because he had been making songs for a while. Han’s income on his own is less than what he makes as a group. But Han’s net worth was estimated to be $1.5 million in May 2022, and his salary starts at $200,000 a year.

Hyunjin’s Net Worth

Hyunjin is one of the most well-known Stray Kids members. He is known for how well he can dance. Besides that, he was introduced as a JYP trainee on different stages before he made his debut. As a member of Stray Kids, he only gets a small share of the group’s income. But Hyunjin is thought to have a net worth of about $1.5 Million.

Since 2017, Hyunjin has helped write and co-write songs for Stray Kids (pre-debut song). He has also made a lot of money as a composer up to this point. Hyunjin’s name shows up again as a lyricist and composer on their Mixtape #5.

I.N’s Net Worth

I.N is the youngest person in Stray Kids, and he sings with the group. I.N does not have as many personal activities as Hyunjin or the other members. I.N. has, however, made cameos in some dramas to make money for Stray Kids. I.N has a total net worth of about $1.5 million.

Seungmin’s Net Worth

Kim Seungmin is a vocalist in Stray Kids. Talking about the property, Seungmin already lived in a luxury apartment before his debut. Seungmin was born into a prominent family, his mother is a surgeon, while his father is a prosecutor. Before his debut, Seungmin was considered one of the richest members. However, in Stray Kids, he is the one and only member who has a net worth of $1.4 Million.

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