Starstruck Season 2 Release Date
Starstruck Season 2 Release Date

Starstruck Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Air on HBO Max?

Starstruck Season 2 Release Date: Yes!! Because HBO has officially begun streaming season 2 of starstruck, fans’ wait is ended. So read our post on all we currently know about your favorite comedy program, Starstruck, to learn more.

This page will provide you with all the details you need to know about the second season of the starstruck television series, including where you can watch it, its premiere date and time, its cast and staff, and any current developments.

Starstruck Season 2 Storyline

We’ll see the effects of Jessie staying in East London and pursuing a relationship with Tom rather than carrying out her original plan of traveling back to New Zealand following season 1’s events. We have a feeling that this won’t be easy sailing! Russell Tovey, who starred in Being Human, also makes an appearance.

He portrays a grating film director who squabbles with Tom and adds to the drama. Adding additional people offers more insight into the complex connection between Jessie and Tom, and we also get to know Tom’s family, who are delighted to bring him down a peg or two.

Starstruck Season 2 Spoiler

After their one-night encounter, as we witnessed in season 1, Jessie and Tom start to get to know one another and form a connection. Season 2’s storyline will therefore pick up where Season 1 left off, and we will observe that Jessie will remain in London with Tom rather than returning to New Zealand, where her mother will be waiting for her.

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Let’s see how much more drama season 2 will provide for the viewers and how hard Tom and Jessie will work to keep their love going strong.

Starstruck Season 2 Release Date

The second season of starstruck will premiere on HBO Max on March 24, 2022, which is good news for the show’s fans. Starstruck’s Season 2 has already begun airing on BBC in the UK as of February 7, 2022. In 2023, a second season will debut on ITV and the upcoming streaming platform ITVX.

Starstruck Season 2 Release Date
Starstruck Season 2 Release Date

What to Expect From Starstruck Season 2?

As we are all aware, season 1 of the television show starstruck was a considerable success and significantly influenced its fans by offering the most fabulous storyline and comedy with romance. Since the dates for season 2 have already been announced, we can anticipate that there will be more drama and romance on the show because, in season 2, Jessie will stay in London with Tom rather than return to New Zealand. Both parties will endeavor to improve their union.

Starstruck Season 2 Cast

It is evident that the two main lead actors, Rose Matafeo and Nikesh Patel, who play Jessie and Tom Kapoor, the two lovebirds, will return for season 2, and we will see them working on their new relationship. Additionally, Minnie Driver will appear as Tom’s agent on Starstruck in its upcoming season.

Russell Tovey will also appear. However, it is yet unknown what role he will play. Additionally, there’s a chance that the upcoming season of Starstruck will feature a few fresh faces. So let’s watch the forthcoming season of Starstruck, which is scheduled to premiere on March 24, 2022, to find out which intriguing cast members will be included there and who will further wow the spectator with their performing abilities.

Starstruck Season 2 Trailer

On March 16, 2022, HBO Max will release the Starstruck Season 2 trailer. Audiences were enthralled after the trailer was published. The Starstruck Season 2 trailers have gotten positive reviews from viewers. A series trailer can be found below.


Frequently Ask Questions About Starstruck Season 2

Where can I watch Starstruck Season 2?

HBO Max is where you can watch “Starstruck” Season 2.

Do Jessie and Tom get together in Starstruck?

After six disappointing episodes, Jessie and Tom finally seem to have found their happily-ever-after in the season one finale.

Will Starstruck return for a third season?

Season 3 of the show is not currently in the creators’ plans.

Where is the StarStruck TV show filmed?

Bovingdon Studios hosted the StarStruck TV show filming.


Our main objective is to give you trustworthy information about the most recent developments in the TV show starstruck. As we all know, season 1 of Starstruck was a huge success, and fans eagerly anticipate its upcoming second season. They are interested in learning more about the well-known TV program starstruck season 2 and keeping up with all the most recent developments on the program.

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