star trek picard season 3 trailer
star trek picard season 3 trailer

Everything You Must Need To Know About Star Trek Picard Season 3

The crew of “The Next Generation” is back. A new Star Trek: Picard season 3 teaser just came out for Star Trek Day months after the first teaser and poster was shown at the San Diego Comic-Con. It reminds us how many crew members from Star Trek: The Next Generation are returning. Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden were on stage together to talk about the upcoming third and final season of Picard, which will air on Paramount Plus in 2023.

Alex Kurtzman, the show’s Executive Producer said that this season, Picard will have to find and reunite his old crew, which is now scattered across the galaxy. He said, “I won’t say much about the main villain in the third movie except that she’s amazing,” without giving away much about her.

Picard Season 3 Release Date Confirmed

According to the information provided in the video that can be found below, the third season of Star Trek: Picard will make its debut on Paramount Plus on February 16, 2023.

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Picard Season 3 Characters

The trailer and the posters give us a sneak peek at the cast and the characters that will be returning for the final season of Picard. Patrick Stewart plays Jean-Luc Picard, LeVar Burton plays Geordi La Forge, Michael Dorn, Worf, Gates McFadden, and Dr. Beverly Crusher, Marina Sirtis, who plays Deanna Troi, and Jonathan Frakes are all a part of this (William Riker).

Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) and Michelle Hurd, two of their co-stars from the original Picard series, will also appear alongside them (Raffi Musiker). Since the release of the feature film “Star Trek: Nemesis” in 2002, this will be the first time that all of the main characters from The Next Generation will have performed together.

More from the Star Trek-

Brent Spiner, who played the android Data on The Next Generation and currently portrays Data’s human brother Alan Inigo Soong on Picard, will also make an appearance in season 3 of the show. Spiner has been a regular cast member on Picard since the show’s second season.

star trek Picard season 3

Picard season 3 Plotline

Terry Matalas, in charge of The Next Generation, has said that series three will be an excellent way to say goodbye to the cast and crew after the disappointing Star Trek: Nemesis. “You can say anything about Nemesis, good or bad. He told, “It didn’t feel like the end of those characters.”

“They needed a going-away party. And that was the main point they made to Patrick Stewart and everyone else. I called them and told them, “I want to talk about your characters, where you think they are, and I want to send you all off the way Star Trek VI did for the original crew.”

We also know that there will be a real bad guy we’ve never seen before, played by an actor Matalas has always wanted to work with. At San Diego Comic-Con, it was said that the bad guy was a woman, but that’s all we know about who will be trying to hurt Picard and his old friends.

We hope that some of the plot lines from Picard’s second season will also be picked up. We want to see what The Federation looks like with the Borg in it, and Jean-growing Luc’s relationship with Laris is also something to think about.

Picard season 3 Trailers

In the most recent teaser trailer for Picard season 3, Gates McFadden’s character, Dr. Crusher, may be seen sending a signal to Jean-Luc Picard asking for assistance. Quickly, Picard’s long-lost friends and supporters, including Riker, rush to his aid. And with that, everyone boards the Titan for the penultimate journey in this set of adventures. It almost seems as though Picard is getting ready to let someone else be the one to announce “engage.”

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Paramount Plus displayed a number of their Star Trek television programs, one of which being the upcoming third season of Star Trek: Picard. They have published a trailer for the last season and posters, which provide Trek fans with a sneak peek at what they may expect and feature some remarks from the cast and crew. You may view the teaser by clicking on the link below.

The remaining members of the cast of Picard appear in the teaser, including cast members from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Geordi, Worf, and Dr. Crusher are some of the characters from The Next Generation who have not yet made an appearance on Picard. The teaser provides us with some information about them, such as the fact that Geordi appears to be wearing a Starfleet uniform appropriate for an admiral and that Worf appears to be wearing the rank insignia appropriate for a captain. However, Dr Crusher is not wearing her uniform.

Summing Up!

There is a good chance that the antagonist of Season 3 of Picard will be someone inspired by the “mind games between Kirk and Khan” in Wrath of Khan. In addition, this final season may focus on Picard confronting the traumatic experiences he had as a child and that he has spent his whole life attempting to escape.

Wesley Crusher, played by Wil Wheaton, made an unexpected appearance in the middle of the season two finale of Picard. His goal was to convince Kore, played by Isa Briones, to join the Travelers. However, based on what we have seen thus far, Briones will not be appearing in season 3, and it is still unknown whether or not the series will continue to explore this particular story thread.

In addition, Patrick Stewart hinted at the Comic-Con that he would, in fact, step foot on the Enterprise-D at least once during the third season.

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