Squid Game Season 2: What Will Be The Released Date & Storyline?

Squid game season 2 release date

The Squid game, the Korean web series released in September 2021, attracted a lot of people, the storyline and the violence of the game becomes everyone’s favorite.

In November it became the most-watched Netflix series and now it is the top viewed show in 94 countries with a watch time of 1.65 billion hours throughout the first four weeks from the release surpassing the previous top series Bridgerton.

 Now everyone is wondering whether the series will come back or not? In our post, we will be sharing the information about the release date, cast, and further storyline of the show.

Squid Game

The story of the series is based on a game in which people have to play a children’s game and if any player gets eliminated he or she will be killed by the pink soldiers. There were 456 players who play to survive in the game, these players are actually that persons who have a lot of financial debt on them and they are suffering so much in their life because of it.

The winning prize is worth ₩45.6 billion, that amount made them continue the game because they all know that their life is not going to be good if they quit the game.

The title of the series is adapted from a real children’s game. Hwang the writer and the creator of the show takes an idea of the story from his own financial struggles in his early life.

He had written the story in 2009 but at that time no one is interested in his story because everyone thinks that this story has so much violence. After a long time, In 2019 Netflix decided that it will fund him and make this series.

Every nine-episode is written and directed by Hwang. Now the series is ruling on everyone’s heart.

Squid game Season 2 cast

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Squid Game Season 2 Storyline

I think the plotline of the show will be the same like people will participate in the game but in my opinion, the player from the previous season 456 will be seen in the second season. He will find out something about the game because only the Il-nam dies but the frontman and everyone is there and it at the end of the series Gi-hun saw a person player ddakji with that salesman he reached to stop him and grabs the invitation card from him.

He dialed that number and the player was told to get on the plane but he return back to the airport terminal. Maybe 456 will find the secrets about this deadly game, and if you notice that the police officer was not shown dead he was only seen when he was shot by the frontman and he fell into the sea.

The officer might return in the next installment and he will search why his brother become the frontman of this violence.

But we can’t say anything this is just an expectation and my theories and anything can happen in season 2, with a lot more different characters and storylines.

Do share your views with us about this, down below you can see the expected cast.Squid Game Season 2

Squid Game Season 2 Cast

Down below we have the list of expected cast.

  • Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun
  • Wi Ha-joon as Hwang Jun-ho
  • Lee Byung-hun as The Front Man
  • Kim Young-ok as Gi-hun’s mother
  • Cho Ah-in as Seong Ga-Yeong, Gi-hun’s daughter
  • Kang Mal-geum as Gi-hun’s ex-wife and Ga-Yeong’s mother
  • Park Hye-jin as Sang-woo’s mother
  • Park Si-wan as Kang Cheol, Sae-byeok’s younger brother

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Squid Game Season 2 Release Date

Season one of the show was released in September 2021. After the success and popularity of the first installment the official decided that they will bring out the second installment, the show is renewed and confirmed. We can expect that it can be released in September 2022.


In our article, we told you about the expected storyline, cast, and the release date of the show. I hope you liked reading our article, here we have the rating of the Squid game IMDb rating of the show is 8.1 out of 10, and Rotten Tomatoes gave it 94%.

The ratings of the show are quite good, if you haven’t watched the show you can watch it on Netflix.

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