Spotify Is Testing Direct-To-Fan Concert Ticket Sales
Spotify Is Testing Direct-To-Fan Concert Ticket Sales

Spotify Is Testing Direct-To-Fan Concert Ticket Sales

According to Engadget, a tech review website, Spotify opened a test website yesterday to sell concert tickets to customers. The announcement follows a report by Engadget from June 2021, in which the company was said to be considering entering the market for ticketed events for which it is already well-known. Here you will read about if Spotify is testing direct-to-fans concert ticket sales or not.

The test is being undertaken with no fanfare or announcement from the Swedish company. Nonetheless, Spotify is currently selling tickets for a wide variety of artists, including Osees and Dirty Honey. According to Engadget, each artist has a certain number of presale tickets that they are releasing to Spotify.

The potential ramifications of Spotify’s potential entry into this market are obvious, as it would provide an instant channel for bands that want to sell tickets directly to fans and could serve as another barrier to entry for the bots and scalpers who are currently making a killing at the expense of fans.


However, this may be a harbinger of a more generalized growth in internet services. As we reported last week, TikTok has been seeking patents for a service called “TikTok Music,” which is widely speculated to be a music streaming service.

The digital streaming giant would be driven to broaden its services, including concert tickets if TikTok were to challenge Spotify in the DSP market.

Even so, as we have seen in the concert ticket market, the rules of financial fair play appear to loosen as firms diversify and become so supremely multi-purpose that monopolies go virtually ignored, if not given a pass.

While the future of Spotify’s latest endeavor is uncertain, one thing is certain: the digital networks we have come to love to appear to be at a fundamental crossroads. The equivalent of a “digital midlife crisis,” perhaps?

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