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SpaceX to Turn Two Oil Rigs Off the Texas Shore into Launchpads for Starship


SpaceX, Tesla, and Elon Musk are always in the news for their exciting works. This time, the sources have confirmed that there have been developments by SpaceX to make new launchpads for their Starship spaceship vehicles. The approved locations for the new launchpads are two oil rigs close to the Texas shore. Previously, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, revealed that they plan to build ‘floating’ launchpads, aka spaceports, for their missions. SpaceX posted a job ad to hire someone who will oversee this project. has revealed that the company bought two oil rigs for floating platforms.

The passion for space exploration has been shown by SpaceX, as the two rigs have been named Deimos and Phobos – two moons of Mars. The rigs were installed for deepwater oil drilling, and you can drill oil from the maximum depth of 8,500 feet. The oil rigs are in Brownsville, a city that’s located in the Gulf of Mexico.

These floating platforms are 240ft x 255ft in dimensions, are supposed to carry the entire weight of Starship operations. The operations like the launch of rockets, re-landing. Currently, the Boca Chica site is the preferred location for the space operations of SpaceX rockets. Only low-altitude flights have landed there. Two drone ships are 300ft x 170ft in dimensions that are used as floating pads.

Elon Musk’s New Home in Texas

SpaceX had earlier posted an ad for hiring someone who can oversee this development project as development manager. They are planning to make this facility into “a 21st-century spaceport”. On the other hand, Elon Musk has also moved his residence to Texas from California. The reason for this relocation is partly due to excessive taxation and regulations in California. The environment in California is not that great for fostering businesses, as per Elon Musk. He’s been in Texas since last December.

Apart from that, Musk’s other company – Tesla, is planning to build a new gigafactory in Austin. That new gigafactory will be the assembly of the Tesla vehicles like Model Y, Tesla Semi, Model 3, and brand new Cybertruck.

SpaceX is heavily investing in Texas, and they have one more engine test facility in McGregor, Texas. One more Starship development site is in Florida. However, this south Texas facility will be solely to handle the operations of Starship constructions and testing.

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