Sia Face Reveal
Sia Face Reveal

Sia Face Reveal: The Singer Shows Off Her Facelift After Years of Hiding

Sia is a well-known singer-songwriter who is most known for her strong vocals and hit songs such as “Chandelier,” “Cheap Thrills,” and “Titanium.”
She is also known for covering her face beneath wigs, masks, and hats to create a sense of mystery and anonymity.
Sia, on the other hand, stunned her fans in October 2023 by unveiling her face and saying that she got a facelift. Sia’s face reveal is detailed here, including why, when, and how she accomplished it.

Sia Face Reveal

Sia used to cover her face with colorful wigs, but behind it all, Sia has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a round face. Ever Sia’s face is usually disguised behind a wig when she performs or appears on award shows since her horrific event.

Sia Face Reveal
Sia Face Reveal

Sia even hired Maddie Ziggler, a kid dancer, to act as her persona whenever she performed on stage, with whom she became good friends. Sia has also performed with her back to the audience on occasion.

Sia has not shown her face in any of her public appearances to date. There are photos of Sia’s natural face on the internet, but they are mostly from 2010 and earlier. She occasionally shows her face in public, but this is unusual.

Why Did Sia Reveal Her Face?

Sia revealed her facelift on October 1, 2023, at the 5th annual Daytime Beauty Awards in Los Angeles, where she gave the Outstanding Achievement in Medicine award to Dr. Ben Talei, the plastic surgeon who performed it.
She stated that she wanted to be open and honest about her decision and that she was pleased with the outcome. She also stated that she does not “lie about s-t” and that she enjoys “cheap thrills.”
Sia also exposed her face on social media, releasing a selfie with the statement “Hi, I’m Sia” on Instagram. Her followers and friends admired her beauty and fortitude, and she received several favorable remarks and praises.


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What is Sia’s Facelift Procedure?

Sia underwent the AuraLyft facelift treatment, which is a trademarked technique by Dr. Talei. AuraLyft is described as “the most advanced and comprehensive facelift technique in the world” on its website.
Lifting and tightening the face muscles, skin, and fat, as well as enhancing the facial contours and features, are all part of the procedure. It also claims to be minimally invasive, resulting in reduced scarring, swelling, and bruising and a quicker recovery period.
Dr. Talei stated that Sia desired to seem natural and youthful and that he adhered to her anatomy and preferences. He also described Sia as a “bright ray of sunshine” and a “wonderful” person who invited his family to a party at her home.

What About Sia’s Weight Gain?

Some assumed that Sia had gained weight since her face was plumper and rounder than usual. This could be because of her facelift, which brought volume and smoothness to her face.
Sia has not made any comments about her weight or body image, and it is unclear whether she has gained or lost weight. Sia has previously spoken up about her issues with addiction, despair, and chronic pain, which may have had an impact on her physical and mental health.
She has also stated that she chose to conceal her face in order to safeguard her privacy and avoid the pressures of celebrity and beauty standards.
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