Should You Get The iPhone 12 Before Apple Unveils The New iPhone 13?


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The iPhone 13 is set to be revealed by Apple very soon. Although no confirmation has been announced yet, Apple’s upcoming September 14 event gives a hint that this new iPhone line could be launched. If so, the iPhone 12 prices will likely be dropping.

Depending on the features you are looking for and the budget you are willing to spend, you may still get the similar benefits from earlier Apple models such as the iPhone 12, iPhone 11 or iPhone SE, or may get in the rumored iPhone SE 3.

It’s okay if you are not yet sure what to decide upon, don’t get too stressed. We have consolidated some tips for you to consider so  you’ll know if it’s wise to get that iPhone 12 now or if it’s better to wait. This way, you’ll be more informed before making that big purchase. 

Still on an old, obsolete iPhone?

Upgrading an outdated iPhone is a good reason to finally get that coveted new phone. However, if your current one is the iPhone 11, you won’t see a lot of difference if you swap it with an iPhone 12.

Most of their features are similar, so it would be better to keep your current phone and stay patient until the new iPhone 13 is revealed. 

However, the comparison becomes different when you talk about older iPhone X models. Upgrading to an iPhone 12 already offers an advanced A14 Bionic CPU, plus an OLED screen. These two features alone show a huge difference from those outdated series. 

In the end, if you still experience good functionality of your phone, it is best to wait a little bit more. iOS 14 still runs in phones released as far as 2015, like the iPhone 6S and can still be updated to iOS 5. So, it is not necessary to spend that budget unless your phone no longer works.

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Is 5G Necessary?

The 5G  is actually not yet accessible everywhere. It’s features are also a bit exaggerated. Currently, the only iPhone compatible with 5G wireless is the iPhone 12.

So if you currently have access to 5G networks then you can opt for the iPhone 12 or better yet, wait for the iPhone 13.  

Damaged Screen, Poor Battery Life and Other Reasons to Buy a New iPhone Now

Putting up with a poorly functioning or damaged phone can be quite a hassle. Cases like batteries that drain easily or a fractured screen you see everyday can really be annoying.

If you are experiencing these troubles on your current phone, then getting that iPhone 12 immediately is understandable. 

iPhone 12 offers ceramic shield display 

iPhone 12 boasts a new improved material of its display, the “ceramic shield”, as Apple calls it. This material made by Corning, is known to be stronger than other metals.

We actually put the iPhone 12 to test to prove this and the results were fantastic. So, if you are prone to dropping your phone, upgrading to this model is a good decision.

But if you are still able to avoid these mishaps, then it’s better to wait for the iPhone 13. 

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New expected features 

There will definitely be features on the iPhone 13 that won’t be on the iPhone 12. If the rumors are true, this will be the first iPhone to have a 120Hz display, twice as much as iPhone 12’s 60Hz refresh rate.

This means there is a smoother and snappier scrolling through the websites and apps. The camera is expected to be upgraded too.

Take note that software updates are provided by Apple for a specific period so if you wait too long you’ll be locked out of the current OS. 

Price Being the Determining Factor

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how much you are willing to spend on your new phone. If you can find a good price for the iPhone 12, then that’s a wise move, or you can switch service providers.

The new wireless carrier may offer you trade-in options to ease some of the costs. You can also wait for the iPhone 13’s launch to enjoy lower prices on the iPhone 12. This will depend on how the new iPhone will turn out though. 

Although we don’t have a fixed data on the prices of the new iPhones, we calculated some educated guesses.

More or less, the iPhone 13 will likely be priced the same with the iPhone 12 model or maybe Apple can market it for a lesser price.

In 2020, Samsung and Google priced Galaxy S20 FE and Pixel 5 fairly less. Samsung Galaxy 21 was $200 less than the preceding model. 

Let’s wait and see!


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