Shooting Death of a 17-year-old Male in Hopewell
Shooting Death of a 17-year-old Male in Hopewell

Homicide Investigation Into Shooting Death of a 17-year-old Male in Hopewell

Police say that a 17-year-old boy was shot and killed in Hopewell overnight. On Monday night, January 9, a shooting happened at the Wales Mobile Home Park in the 2400 block of Oaklawn Boulevard.

There aren’t many details yet, but neighbours said they heard five gunshots between 9 and 9:30 p.m. “I poked my head out and looked, but I’ma tell you the truth… I wasn’t gonna step all the way out. I was scared. The shooter may be ready to shoot again,” said Milton Howell, who lives nearby.

He also said that soon after, dozens of police cars rushed to the scene. Another witness told 8news reporter Autumn Childress over the phone that she ran out with sweatshirts and towels to help the young victim. She said the teen was still awake and asked her and another neighbour to call his parents.

Another neighbour, Richard Simms, said that when he went outside, he saw a sad scene. “Those two ladies were trying to keep him awake,” Simms said. “He was laying on the ground, shot in the stomach, and then the police came, and I left from over there.”

Clifford Lamont Hill Jr. of Richmond and Xazavion Ja’Quel King of Petersburg have been arrested, according to police in Hopewell. Hill Jr. was charged with Second Degree Murder, and King was charged with Being an Accessory to Murder.

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People in the area gave a description of a car, which was found leaving the area. Officers stopped the car for speeding, and everyone inside was taken in for questioning about the shooting. This is the most recent violent crime to happen in the city of Hopewell.

Delegate Carrie Coyner, who is working to make the city less violent, says that the number of violent acts has gone up by about 70%. She says that the pandemic, drugs, and crime in nearby areas are to blame. She also says that children and their families are being hurt by the rise in crime.

This is also happening while the people of Hopewell are still upset about the death of 8-year-old P’Aris Moore, who was killed in a drive-by shooting at the end of 2022.

“It’s some sick people in this world and they’re killing each other over stupid stuff,” Simms said… Follow us on to get more news like this.

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