Shay Johnson Discusses Being a Mother, Co-Parenting, and Having Baby #2 Openly!
Shay Johnson Discusses Being a Mother, Co-Parenting, and Having Baby #2 Openly!

Shay Johnson Discusses Being a Mother, Co-Parenting, and Having Baby #2 Openly!

Shay Johnson is introducing the world to her adorable baby child, Shajiyah! The star of Love & Hip Hop Miami talked about being a new parent and the significance of leaving a lasting legacy for her child. Keep scrolling to see the cutie and read more about her maternity journey!

I’ve been wanting this for a very long time!” Indeed, it was a surprise, but I count my blessings. Even though I experienced issues throughout pregnancy, I am extremely blessed,” Johnson enthusiastically talks about the birth of her kid. “She’s here! She’s in good shape. Also, my health is fine. In the end, it’s all that counts.

You may remember that kept tabs on Johnson’s pregnancy as the future mother posted Instagram updates about her difficulties. Some of her concerns were realizing that despite having a Myomectomy—a surgical procedure to remove uterine fibroids and reconstruct the uterus—three fibroids resurfaced.

Placenta previa, in which the placenta completely or partially covers the cervix and makes delivery impossible, was another piece of bad news for the first-time mother.

Thankfully, all went well with the birth of baby Shajiyah. With the comment, “I had a smooth delivery and @iamshajiyah is lovely,” the new mother posted a snapshot of herself in the delivery room on Instagram on May 18. As of now, I can say, “I belong to the mommy club. This has been a difficult journey, but I appreciate everyone’s encouragement.


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Johnson said that although she hasn’t had much sleep since the birth of baby Shajiyah, she is “very thrilled.” To the point where she’s thinking about trying for another child in the next year.

She tells us confidentially that she hopes to have another kid with her child’s father and adds, “I honestly think I want one more.” “A boy! In a perfect world, I would like a boy, but it really doesn’t matter. I told Shajiyah’s father that I want one more. The time frame he suggested was a year or two away. No, I want one right this second.

Johnson went on to describe her co-parenting arrangement with Shajiyah’s father, which she said has its ups and downs just like any other relationship. Her dad is undeniably in the picture. He is not leaving. His little girl is a prince. He might be overbearing at times, but he has far more experience with child rearing than I do. He’s got a bit more life under his belt than I do. It’s both entertaining and challenging.

Shay Johnson Baby
Shay Johnson Baby

She says, “I’ve had off-and-on dealings with him for over a decade. It’s not some random individual, it’s not somebody I just met. It’s just that kind of relationship, with all its ups and downs. You despise him, but you can’t deny your affection for him.

While sleep deprivation is a given for any mother, Johnson claims that first-time parents aren’t adequately prepared for the mental adjustment that comes with being a parent. “I had a shift in perspective. When it comes to the people and things I care about, I tend to be overprotective. For the most part, it’s all about her and the impression I’m giving out.”

In addition, Johnson stated, “I’m trying to set an example for her.” The 38-year-old business owner is pleased with her decision to launch The Healthy Hand, a firm that makes health and wellness goods from all-natural materials and curative herbs.

The new mother has big plans to leave her thriving business to her daughter, which includes a relationship with Crunch Fitness. I plan to mentor her as she pursues a career in business in the hopes that she would learn from my experiences and avoid making the same mistakes that I did. There are still things I get wrong in my business, but my company is expanding, so I must be doing something right.

My only hope is that I can point her in the correct direction. While I am certainly not an expert in every field, I will do everything in my power to provide her with the information she needs to make it through this life.

Johnson adds that learning balance is the key to juggling her own needs with those of being a mother and a successful businesswoman.


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The lack of sleep is, by far, the most trying aspect of this procedure for me. She says, “I haven’t slept through the night since she was born, but I nap when she naps.” She then goes on to talk about how important a routine is.

“While she is sleeping in the mornings, I usually wake up and have a glass of juice. Since I have no good excuse not to, I also attempt to get into a short fitness routine at home. In order to become in shape, a gym membership is not required. Timing is everything.

Johnson, like many other new mothers, says she has a deeper appreciation for her own mother now that she is a mother herself. In light of recent events, I now hold much higher regard for my mother. I’ve apologized to my mom many times for the pain I caused her and the contempt I showed her since I now finally appreciate the sacrifices she made for me as a newborn and the boundless love she showed me.

‘I just respect all moms out there,’ she continues. For me, motherhood means cultivating my full potential as a person, as a mother, and as a human being. She says, “I salute you, I incline my hat to you,” to all the mothers out there. And remember, girls, you can overcome whatever difficulty you encounter in the world!

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