What Happened To Shawn Michaels Eye
What Happened To Shawn Michaels Eye

What Happened To Shawn Michaels Eye? Is His Injury Serious?

One may argue that Shawn Michaels is among the most OK WWE ever. HBK’s technical prowess and charisma made him a hit with audiences of all sizes. Although Michaels has a stellar reputation as one of the safest wrestlers to work with, the superstar has had his fair share of health scares in the past. Here you will read about what happened to Shawn Michaels’s eye?

Michaels has had trouble with his knees and once hurt his eye, in addition to the debilitating back injury that nearly forced him into retirement. But what caused Shawn Michaels’ eye injury, exactly? It has always been a mystery to fans how the superstar acquired the lazy eye that plagued him throughout his career.

To What Extent Is Shawn Michaels’ Eye Injury A Myth In WWE?

This eye injury of Shawn Michaels dates back to 2004. He was injured when he bumped into Kane during a No Disqualification match. The bout ended with him needing surgery on his retina.

Although his lazy eye worsened, it was not deemed severe enough to force him to retire. His laziness in that eye became increasingly apparent as he aged due to repeated head trauma.

Inevitably, WWE used it as plot fodder. They chose to offer a kayfabe explanation for Shawn Michaels’ lazy eye as part of his feud with Chris Jericho.

How Did WWE Explain Shawn Michaels’ Lazy Eye?

Shawn Michael
Shawn Michael

By the time Y2J went bad, Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho were deep in a dispute. He slammed HBK into a television screen and continued to hit Michaels in the face.

WWE continued to escalate the seriousness of the situation beyond what it was. They acted as if Michaels had been injured to the point that he couldn’t continue wrestling, and he even appeared on RAW to talk about leaving WWE. However, Jericho stays in the storyline after accidentally punching Shawn’s wife during the segment.

The wound wasn’t too significant because it was the same one he’d had in 2004. WWE, however, made the most of the situation by portraying Jericho’s injuries as nearly retiring Michaels and amplifying the bad blood between the two superstars. As a result, they engaged in what would become one of WWE’s greatest feuds of all time.

Do You Think Shawn Michaels’ Eye Injury Is Serious?

It wasn’t anything significant when Shawn Michaels got poked in the eye in 2004. The injuries altered his appearance but never affected his performance in the ring. Before calling it quits, Michaels had some of his most successful matches. After the injury, he had some of the most iconic feuds of all time, including with Chris Jericho, The Legacy, and The Undertaker.

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