Selena Gomez's Fallout With Kidney Donor BFF Francia Raisa Leaks
Selena Gomez's Fallout With Kidney Donor BFF Francia Raisa Leaks

Selena Gomez’s Fallout With Kidney Donor BFF Francia Raisa Leaks

Selena Gomez commented on a TikTok video about Francia Raisa unfollowing her on Instagram. Francia donated her kidney to Gomez in 2017. Selena and Francia have been friends for 10 years and have called one other “sisters.” What happened with both? Read here for more updates and details related to Selena Gomez’s Fallout With Kidney Donor BFF Francia Raisa.

Selena Gomez’s Fallout With Kidney Donor BFF Francia Raisa Leaks Online

The 30-year-old actress shared the comment below a clip of how Francia, 34 who donated her kidney to Gomez in 2017, unfollowed her a day after the premiere of Gomez’s documentary “My Mind & Me” in which she described her kidney Health problems, but Francia was not mentioned.

Francia Raisa who donated her kidney to Gomez in 2017 was not mentioned in Gomez’s documentary titled ” My Mind & Me”. 

France donated a kidney to Selena. After the donation, Selene admits that her battle with autoimmune disease has been the worst in a long time. My Mind & Me, which premiered Nov. 2 revealed Gomez’s lupus battles but didn’t mention Francia or the kidney donation.

Selena recently called Taylor Swift her “only friend” in the industry. Selena Gomez’s comment on a TikTok video about her best friend and kidney donor unfollowing her on Instagram raised eyebrows.

Francia wrote interestingly on an ENews Instagram story that quoted Selena on Swift. I never fit in with celebrity girls. The ‘Only Murders in the Building’ performer told Rolling Stone that Taylor is his only business pal. Francia removed her comment and unfollowed Gomez. Gomez follows her on Instagram.

Gomez told Rolling Stone about receiving a kidney, but she didn’t mention Francia. She said, Sorry I didn’t include everyone I know, the 30-year-old actress commented. Justin Bieber’s former broke down in tears as her lupus symptoms worsened in her documentary.

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What About Selena and France’s Relation After the Kidney Donation?

Francia told about changing her diet after giving a kidney to Selena, who has lupus, an inflammatory disorder that attacks good tissue. I can’t obtain as much protein because my kidney filters it. I’m skinny, but I don’t eat enough, so that was a problem when I saw the doctor.

Selena announced the gift of life on social media with a photo of herself and Francia on hospital beds. Selena commented, “There are no words to express my gratitude to Francia Raisa.” She gave me her kidney, the ultimate gift, and sacrifice. I’m lucky. Sister, I love you. When: Selena released a TikTok of the duo in July.

Gomez discussed her health status in a “Today Show” interview at the time.

Kidneys failed. I kept going. She resided with me as my kidneys developed. I didn’t ask a soul. I struggled to ask anyone to do this. Volunteering helped her. Finding a volunteer is difficult. She was a match, wow. Not true.

selena gomez & francia Raisa
selena gomez & francia Raisa

According to Self, Francia and Selena both had post-op depression. Francia stated Selena’s recovery was challenging since her kidney twisted and she needed emergency surgery. Francia claims Selena texted her after surgery, “I’m worried I might die.”

Then her kidney twisted and an artery ruptured, so they had to extract a vein from her leg and put a wall around her artery,” she said. Francia wore two scars on her stomach and one below her belly button. Francia’s post-surgery scars were two on her stomach and one below her belly button.

The singer defended Francia after a crude remark about who donated the kidney for the 2020 Saved by the Bell revival. The backlash forced the joke’s revision. Selena later tweeted, “I’m not sure how jokes about organ transplants became a trend, but regrettably it has.” In the next writers’ room, I hope tacky jokes are called out and don’t air.’

Francia took issue with Selena‘s “unhealthy lifestyle” and post-surgery alcohol usage. Selena responded to a commenter after she joked about drinking in a TikTok video. Your best friend gave you her kidney, but you still binge drink. Selena said, “It was a joke”.

They reconciled in 2021 when Raisa posted about her kidney donation. Selena and Francia were formerly best friends and called each other “sisters”. She was at Selena’s 30th birthday celebration in July, and Selena released a TikTok showing them having fun.

While dating Jonas Brothers, Selena and Taylor became friends in 2008. Swift recently congratulated Gomez on the launch of her Apple TV+ documentary.

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Selena Gomez Responds to Francia Raisa “When she Said That Taylor Swift was her Only Friend in the Business”

It’s possible she wasn’t being really literal. After rumors circulated that Selena Gomez was dissing her friend Francia Raisa when she said that Taylor Swift was her “only friend” in Hollywood, the singer responded.

Gomez opened up about her close group of friends in the Rolling Stone cover story that came out on Thursday, November 3. “For some reason, I was never accepted by the popular crowd of famous women. I felt out of place because Taylor Swift was really the only person I knew that worked in the business she remarked.

In 2017, Rare Beauty’s creator revealed that she had undergone an organ transplant as part of her treatment for lupus. Because of my Lupus, I needed a kidney transplant, and I was in the process of healing. Gomez captioned an Instagram snapshot of herself and the Secret Life of the American Teenager alum holding hands in the hospital in September 2017.

“It was what I needed to do for my overall well-being.” There are no adequate words with which to express my gratitude to my lovely friend Francia Raisa. In donating a kidney to me, she gave me the greatest gift and made the greatest sacrifice imaginable. The blessings in my life are immeasurable. Sister, I love you so much.

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