Schools Reopen Their Doors Despite Difficulties Due To The Increase In COVID-19


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More than a million children in New York return to their schools after more than a year that the entire city and the country were paralyzed before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The return to school has been a momentous occasion and a great celebration with the visit of the Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona.

Since March 2020, schools have been closed, and now they return to class in the Big Apple has been just the beginning for the United States public school system to come back to life. Families, teachers, and the whole country have been hopeful for the start of classes, and this return makes them feel victorious.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona has expressed his excitement for the children and their families while outside an elementary school in the Bronx. He assures that this will be a wonderful year for New York and all after the reopening of the largest school district in the United States has been achieved.

The Secretary of Education continued to deliver good news regarding the back-to-school transportation route through the Midwest, enhanced next week. He also let parents of younger children know that they are also being included in a new vaccination schedule for children 6 months to 4 years and children aged 5 to 11 years with the Pfizer vaccine- BioNTech.

What seemed to be the beginning of the end of the scenario was that parents, families, students, and teachers had to improvise since the pandemic began and continued for more than a year. It was only enough at the end of the third day of classes for some 169 classrooms in New York to close their doors again due to outbreaks of Covid 19. There were also 125 partial closures, as 403 students and staff tested positive for COVID-19. This experience was a quick reminder that they had not protected themselves from the delta variant even with the most aggressive risk prevention strategies. This new variant is more aggressive and highly contagious, capable of overcoming any protective barrier such as the use of vaccines, masks, and hygiene and biosecurity measures adopted in New York schools.

However, these statistics are only a fraction of the entire city system and other temporary closings of schools throughout the country due to the outbreaks and that they have had to continue their academic activities under the virtual, semi-face-to-face learning system and hybrid.

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Final words

Despite the serious situation and all the obstacles caused by covid 19 to return to school, efforts continue, and the increase in vaccination rates allows not only to see the panorama of reopening schools clearer and that these can remain permanently open.

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