Saul Alvarez Net Worth
Saul Alvarez Net Worth

Saul Alvarez Net Worth, Early Life, Career: How Rich Is He?

Saul Alvarez, whose nickname is “Canelo,” is a professional boxer from Mexico who fights in the Light Middleweight division. Alvarez has won four world titles and has been called the best boxer in the world, pound for pound. Saul Alvarez has been a formidable opponent for almost every other boxer he has faced.

Saul Alvarez Early Life

Santos Sal lvarez Barragán is Saul Alvarez’s full name. He was born on July 18, 1990. Alvarez was born on the edge of Guadalajara, but when he was five, his family moved to Juanacatlan. Alvarez is the youngest of seven children. He and his siblings grew up on the farm that his family owned. All six of Saul’s brothers also went into boxing for a living. Saul liked to ride horses when he was younger. Alvarez is known for having red hair, which is not very common in Mexico.

Canelo is a nickname for Alvarez that means “cinnamon” in Spanish. It comes from the color of his hair. Saul Alvarez started boxing when he was 13, just like his older brothers did. His amateur record was impressive immediately, and he won silver at the Mexican Junior Championship before winning gold the following year at age 15.

Saul Alvarez Career

Alvarez turned pro soon after he won the gold medal. Even though boxers don’t usually start as amateurs at age 15, Alvarez did so because no one else wanted to fight him. Even though most of his opponents were much older than he was, he knocked them out. He won the welterweight title in 2006.

Then Alvarez moved up to the light middleweight division and won the WBC silver title in 2010. He was also the first boxer to knock out Carlos Baldomir that same year. Alvarez kept successfully defending his title, and in 2013, he beat Austin Trout to win it. In the fall of that year, Alvarez lost a big fight to Floyd Mayweather.

Saul Alvarez won many more fights, starting with a 2014 win over Alfredo Angulo. In 2015, Alvarez beat Miguel Cotto, which was another important win. With this win, Alvarez won the middleweight class’s WBC, Ring, and lineal titles. He kept these titles by knocking out Amir Khan in a stunning fight.

In 2016, Alvarez lost weight so he could fight WBO light-middleweight world champion, Liam Smith. He beat Smith to win the title with a powerful bodily blow. Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. fought after a long time of talking, and Alvarez won by a unanimous decision. This set up the fight between Alvarez and Golovkin, which everyone had been waiting for.

Before the official announcement, the Golovkin fight had been in the works for years. A split decision was made in September 2017 to say that the two fighters were about the same. There had to be a rematch, and it was set for May 2018. But Alvarez tested positive for a drug against the law, so he was taken off the team for six months. In a strange turn of events, Golovkin also lost his title.

Still, the rematch was essential to both fighters, and after a long time of talking, it was finally set for 2018. Alvarez won the fight in a decision many fans and media outlets thought should have gone to Golovkin.

Style Of Boxing

Saul Alvarez is known for his great counterpunching. He finds small holes in his opponents’ guards and takes full advantage of them. Alvarez is also known for his muscular body punches, often resulting in a blow to the liver. He is also known for moving his head a lot, which makes him easy to hit, but this strategy has its benefits.

Canelo has shown how smart he is in almost every fight by luring his opponents into traps with creative combinations that keep everyone guessing. Canelo’s combinations usually end wars, so if you see him land more than three punches, the fight is probably over.

Saul Alvarez Net Worth

Saul Alvarez’s Net Worth

As of September 2022, Saul Alvarez has about $180 million in cash and assets.

Saul Alvarez is a boxer who works for a living in Mexico. He has won multiple world titles in three different weight classes. Since 2018, he has held the unified WBA, WBC, Ring magazine, and lineal middleweight titles. Since May 2019, he has held the IBF middleweight title, and since December 2018, he has held the WBA super-middleweight title.

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Deal With Dazn And A Lawsuit

DAZN guaranteed Alvarez’s next ten fights for $365 million in 2018. At the time, it was a sports record. Canelo made $95 million from June 2018 to June 2019, thanks to this arrangement and endorsements.

The deal was easy. Golden Boy would receive $40 million per bout from DAZN in 2019 and 2020. Canelo’s per-fight cut is $35 million. 2020 Canelo sued DAZN, Golden Boy Promotions, and Oscar De La Hoya for breach of contract in September. His last fight was against Sergey Kovalev in November 2019. The lawsuit demanded $280 million plus sponsorship and gate income. After a year of wrangling, the parties projected Canelo wouldn’t fight in 2020.

DAZN is unhappy with the opponents Canelo chose. DAZN offered half of Canelo’s $35 million purse to fight Billy Joe Saunders. Refused offer. Canelo wants $35 million to fight the opponents he chooses with DAZN and Goldenboy, or he wants out of his contract to pursue fights independently. Canelo assumed he could choose future opponents with Golden Boy. He said Golden Boy’s deal granted DAZN the power to approve or reject opponents.

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