Noel Gallagher And Sara Macdonald Of Oasis Are Divorcing After 22 Years

Following a marriage that lasted for a decade and a half, Noel Gallagher and Sara MacDonald have decided to divorce. In a statement given to PEOPLE on Monday, the ex-member of Oasis and MacDonald, with whom he shares parental responsibility for their boys Donovan, 15, and Sonny, 12, announced that they are getting a divorce.

A spokeswoman confirmed that Noel and Sara would continue to work together to care for their children, who will continue to be their top concern.

They said, “Noel and Sara ask that the media respect their privacy as well as that of our family at this time.” According to NME, Gallagher, 55 years old, and the publicist, 51, tied the knot in a secret ceremony in the New Forest of England in June of 2011.

The two people initially connected in the year 2000 while partying in Ibiza. During an interview with British Vogue in the year 2020, Gallagher reminisced about the occasion, which he characterized as “love at first sight.” After that, they rode together in a taxi into town, and he asked for her phone number on the way. According to what he told the publication, “I remember storing it like it was a religious f—ing artifact.

The musician was previously married to Meg Mathews, with whom he had a daughter named Anas, who is now 22 years old. However, the couple separated in 2001 after filing for separation in the year 2000.

In the meantime, Gallagher parted ways with Oasis in 2009 following a turbulent relationship with his brother and fellow bandmate Liam. He announced his departure at the time by releasing a statement, in which he claimed, “I simply could not continue working with Liam a day longer.”

Since then, Liam has often requested that his brother Gallagher return, but Gallagher has consistently declined. In the year 2020, he disclosed to British Vogue that he had entertained the idea on occasion. “Many times, the thought has crossed my mind, “Let’s just do a gig.” But then I realized that the only reason I would do it is to silence this f—ing moron.”

Noel Gallagher And Sara Macdonald Of Oasis Are Divorcing After 22 Years
Noel Gallagher And Sara Macdonald Of Oasis Are Divorcing After 22 Years

On Saturday, Noel Gallagher posted a video to Twitter showing him recording vocals and instruments in the studio. The video was posted over the weekend. He captioned the video with “17.01.23,” which was a strong signal that new content would be released on Tuesday. Later on in this year, he will also unveil his most recent studio album, titled High Flying Birds.

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