Alex Jones Sandy Hook Verdict $45.2 Million Punitive Damages
Alex Jones Sandy Hook Verdict $45.2 Million Punitive Damages

Alex Jones Sandy Hook Verdict: $45.2 Million Punitive Damages

For years, Alex Jones, a bombastic radio host, has peddled a stream of conspiracy theories to millions of listeners in his distinctively loud and gravelly voice. According to him, the 2012 Connecticut school shooting that killed 20 children and six adults was staged by the United States government as part of a plot to take away gun rights from American citizens. Here you will learn about what happened at the Sandy Hook trial.

A jury in Austin, Texas, ordered Jones to pay nearly $50 million (£41 million) in compensation and punitive damages to the parents of a kid slain in that attack after a two-week defamation trial was full of twists and turns. Here are some of the case’s most pivotal events.

Text messages sent by Jones were unintentionally delivered to the other side. After the proceedings, one of the most memorable incidents was when Jones’ lawyer unintentionally sent two years of potentially damaging texts from Jones’ phone to a lawyer for his parents’ legal team.

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Jones, according to Mr Bankston, had texted about Sandy Hook, which was in direct conflict with his testimony at trial that he hadn’t brought up the shooting in any private conversations. Jones Because he didn’t want to give the court his phone records, Jones said that was the reason.

Mr Bankston Questioned Jones About His Claims Of Perjury

Jones’ text messages have been requested by the congressional committee investigating the Capitol riot, which Mr Bankston said he would hand over to the committee unless the judge intervenes. On January 6, 2021, Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol, resulting in a riot. The committee had requested records and deposition from Jones regarding his role in the riot.

The Bankruptcy Claims Of Jones Were Contested

The right-wing conspiracy website Infowars, which is run by Alex Jones’s companies, filed for bankruptcy earlier in the year. Declaring bankruptcy in the United States is a way for businesses to continue operating while also allowing them to negotiate debt settlements under the supervision of a court. Other lawsuits are placed on hold as a result.

On the other hand, Mr Bankston argued that Jones’ communications proved that his enterprises were still making roughly $800,000 per day in 2018. An email from an Infowars staffer to Jones, who had previously testified that he did not use email at all, provided that information.

Information Warfare Has a Retail Outlet

Jones was questioned about the legitimacy of the things his business sells to consumers, including diet supplements, health and wellness products, gun paraphernalia, and survivalist equipment.

In court, Jones admitted that the vitamin supplements offered in the Infowars store were not approved for use by the FDA. When pressed about the lack of FDA approval for his supplements, he argued that they had undergone extensive testing and were therefore “the best out there.”

The FDA sent Jones and Infowars a letter for selling “unapproved and misbranded” products related to the Covid-19 pandemic after Jones falsely claimed on his show that some of his products, including a “super silver whitening toothpaste” and a “super blue silver immune gargle,” could stop or treat Covid.

Pettingill said on Friday that Jones’ enterprises were worth between $135 million and $270 million, a figure that Jones and his defence team refute.

Jones Is Rebuked By The Mother Of The Slain Man

When the mother of a six-year-old Sandy Hook victim addressed Jones from the witness stand, it was one of the most stressful moments of the trial. According to Scarlett Lewis, who spoke to the radio host, she was neither an actress nor a “deep state” agent.

They were genuine children, and her son, Jesse Lewis, was one of them, she added. For the last ten years, she said, Jones’ allegations had led her to “hell.” During the trial against Alex Jones in Austin, Texas on August 2, 2022, Jesse Lewis’ mother, Scarlett Lewis, testifies against Alex Jones.

Survivor Jesse Lewis’s mother, Scarlett, testifies against Alex Jones in court. At the trial, Jones admitted that the Sandy Hook shooting was “100 per cent real” and apologised for “hurting these people’s feelings.”

Even though I know you do, believe me, you’re going to repeat it again on your show,” Mrs Lewis remarked, looking directly at Jones as he shook his head. Lewis and Jesse’s father Neil Heslin is suing Jones for at least $150 million in damages, according to a lawsuit filed by the pair.

Jones and The Judge Get Into An Argument

At one point during the trial, Judge Maya Guerra Gamble reminded Jones that he had to tell the truth while sworn in. “A second reminder that you must tell the truth while testifying seems ridiculous. It’s not your programme, this isn’t your show, “The statement was made by Ms Gamble.

When Jones spit out a piece of gum, she ordered him to do so again. Jones claimed he was inserting his tongue into a gap left by a dental extraction as evidence that he was chewing gum. Do you want me to show you something? In response to Jones’ question, Judge McKinney declared, “I don’t want to see the inside of your mouth.”

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Jones denied he had ever presented images of the judge “on fire” on his show, prompting the lawyer to post a photo of Ms Gamble in flames alongside Lady Liberty. In addition to Jones’ assertions regarding the jury, the parents’ defence team also brought this issue. During a segment on his show, Jones said that the jury was comprised of “very blue collar people” and that “half that the panel does not know who I am”.

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