Renders Of The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Don't Change Much From What We Saw This Year
Renders Of The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Don't Change Much From What We Saw This Year

Renders Of The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Don’t Change Much From What We Saw This Year

There are a few differences, but it’s mostly the same phone. This year, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra was one of the best phones, and Samsung has been working on the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the rest of the Galaxy S23 line for a long time.

We recently got our first honest look at how the Galaxy S23 and S23+ are likely to look, thanks to the release of some CAD renders. These renders hint at possible changes to the phones’ designs. From what we can see in new renders, the S23 Ultra, on the other hand, might feel a lot more familiar.

OnLeaks has developed some CAD-based renders of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which are shared through Smartprix. These renders illustrate what Samsung’s most luxurious 2023 phone could look like once it is introduced to the public. At first sight, this appears to be almost the same as the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It has the same square form and screen, and its back has the same design. It also appears to have practically identical cameras. Even the speakers, buttons, and the S Pen are all located in the same spots as the previous model.

However, if you examine exceptionally carefully, you will see a few subtle distinctions. To begin, the three leftmost camera sensors (ultra-wide, main, and 10X optical zoom, if the S23 Ultra’s camera setup is similar to its predecessor) appear to protrude a bit further from the back of the phone than they do currently. In contrast, the two rightmost camera sensors (laser autofocus and 3X optical zoom) now sit flush with the back of the phone.

Renders Of The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Don’t Change Much From What We Saw This Year

This is one of the primary differences between the two cameras. The handset is also slightly flatter than its predecessor; the formerly curled sides are still curved, but to a lesser extent than they were on the S22 Ultra.

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Last but not least, the bezels’ size could be decreased as well, as Ice universe mentioned earlier. The bottom bezel may end up being the same size as the top bezel this time; however, until the phone is officially released, it will be challenging to say for certain whether or not this will be the case.

Even if the Galaxy S22 and S22+ accomplished that goal, the Galaxy S22 Ultra was not; therefore, even if the Galaxy S23 Ultra achieved that goal, it would still be notable.

Even though the phone might have the same outside design, we have already heard that it will likely include internal upgrades such as a 200MP sensor. As a result, we are surely curious to see what Samsung has in store for us, even though the phone might have the same appearance on the inside.

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