Greatest Features In Samsung's Android Version 13 (1)
Greatest Features In Samsung's Android Version 13

What Are Samsung’s Android Version 13 Latest Features?

After we told you about some of the new functions and features in a pre-release version of One UI 5.0 Beta, Samsung quietly released a preview of Android 13 in several countries. Here are the essential new additions.

With One UI, Samsung isn’t known for making significant changes, and while the look and feel are tweaked, it’s hard to tell at first glance what has changed. But, as usual for Samsung, there are a lot of changes and additions that make the phone work better.

The Korean company knows how to add features without too much changing the “core” experience. Still, the One UI 5.0 has a few features that we’ve already seen on Google’s Pixel phones with the latest Android 13 Beta.

Minor Tweaks to the Way Fingerprints Move

In One UI 5.0 Beta, there is a minimal change to the animation of a fingerprint on the screen compared to One UI 4.1. Instead of the usual ripple going outward, when the lock is opened, the tide has a faster “swirl” effect that goes all the way around as it grows. This is most noticeable on wallpapers with lighter colors, but it’s just a change for looks.

Material And Support For Dynamic Color

One UI doesn’t follow the design guidelines for Material You, but it uses many ideas with wallpaper-led device theming. The Wallpaper & Style section of the first One UI 5.0 Beta has been changed even more, and the Color Palette section now has even more tonal options.

The swatch-style picker now has a “Basic colors” tab that lets you choose from eight single-color presets and four dual-tone options, just like on Pixel phones. You can also completely turn off the Dynamic Color/Color Palette feature, which you can’t do on Pixel if you prefer the system’s default settings. This will change everything back to the standard blue and ensure that all apps use the same tones and accents.

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Google’s Material You-style pop-ups for permission requests are now used in One UI. These pop-ups have colored buttons and more obvious limits on when they can be used. This takes the place of the permission pop-ups that looked like a list in One UI 4.1 and earlier.

Smart Widgets Improvements

In One UI 5.0 beta, you can make scrollable quick-look widgets by long pressing on an existing widget on your home screen. This makes the tremendous stackable devices feature even easier to use. Before One UI 4.1, you had to make a “Smart Widget” that could be edited similarly.

You can also set widgets in a stack to rotate automatically based on how your Galaxy screen is set up. If you hold down on the “Edit stack” button for a while and then tap it, you’ll see more controls to tweak, including a switch that lets you turn on widget auto-rotation.

Improved Mini Pop-up UI

When a call comes in while you’re using an app, you’ll see an updated mini pop-up UI with more visual elements and a drop-down menu that makes quick actions easier to find. The answer and decline buttons have been moved to the side, and there are no longer any labels or moving icons next to them.

Quick Call Notes

You can quickly take notes during a call by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. If you take notes, they are saved with the caller’s name but not the time or date. It’s not clear if this is only available on devices that can use the S Pen.

Custom Backgrounds For Callers

With the default Samsung dialler app, you can now entirely change the call background image for each contact for the first time. You’ll need to go to Contacts, and then in the “Edit” section of the overflow menu, you can choose a video wallpaper from one of four options or add your image.

Greatest Features In Samsung’s Android Version 13

Settings Changes

  • Connected Devices

Right at the top of the Settings menu is a section called “Connected devices” that lets you quickly manage all of your phone’s connections to other devices. This includes Samsung DeX, any earbuds already connected, Links to Windows, and much more.

  • Guest Mode Within Accounts And Backup

For some reason, One UI got rid of the multi-user mode, which has been a big problem with Samsung phones for a while. One UI 5.0 Beta brings back the Guest Mode function in the Accounts and Backup settings. This lets you set up different apps and accounts for other people on the same device. This is great for work and personal accounts if you don’t want to use the Knox function.

  • Android 13 Easter egg

Samsung put an Easter egg with emojis in Android 13 that you can find in One UI 5.0 Beta by going to Settings > About phone > Software information > and tapping Android version. Now, set the clock to 1 o’clock, and you’ll see the Easter egg with lots of bubbles. When you press for a long time, the bubbles will change to random Emoji. The Samsung style of Emoji is more popular than the Pixel style, which gives the Easter egg a bit of an odd feeling.

  • Labs Adds Multi-tasking Gestures

The popular experimental Labs are in the section for “Advanced features.” Samsung often adds early features, and in One UI 5.0 Beta, you can use more gestures to switch between apps.

You can quickly switch to the pop-up mode by swiping down from the top corner of an app, or you can switch to the split-screen mode by swiping up with two fingers from the bottom of your screen. Using a pop-up, you can quickly choose the second app from a mini app drawer.

What Is Your Favourite Thing About The New One Ui 5.0 Beta?

Samsung has added several features to make Galaxy owners’ lives easier and better. Which new thing do you think is the best? Please tell us what you think in the section below.

In this post, we talked about the Top new features in Android 13 for Samsung devices. I hope you like our article. If so, please share your wise thoughts in our comments section. Add to your bookmarks as well for more of these updates.

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