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Samoa Joe: AEW Sought To Help Darby Allin Now I’ll Keep Him Down

Samoa Joe: AEW Sought To Help Darby Allin Now I'll Keep Him Down

Samoa Joe: AEW Sought To Help Darby Allin Now I'll Keep Him Down

WrestleZone recently had an interview with the reigning ROH World Television Champion, Samoa Joe, who is scheduled to compete against Darby Allin for the TNT Championship on the episode of AEW Dynamite that will air on February 1. In spite of Joe’s victory at Full Gear for the TNT title, Allin was able to defeat him in Seattle on January 4.

The previous time around, Darby had the support of his hometown crowd, but Joe is going to give him a fight to remember in Dayton, Ohio, where there will be no holds barred. When asked how he plans to approach this bout, Joe responded that Darby needs weapons in order to compete on an equal footing, but that he is prepared for anything.

“I think the analysis is spot on. He comes out before the bell even rings, he’s tackling with skateboards and he’s got this little distraction sitting at ringside. It was a ridiculous farce of a match. I think everybody in their heart really knows that”.

“Nobody was looking at that match and saying, ‘hey, this was a fair contest set up between two people.’ But I understand these things. When I accumulate power, it seems that the power structures that be,” Joe explained, they start to find unusual ways to throw these obstacles in my path. This is nothing different.

“Even going into this match, any day of the week ending in Y, you put Darby Allin in a ring with me in a straight-up, he catches a fade. It’s bad. He’s in the hospital for a while, but you give him his toys and his weapons,” Joe noted, “he becomes a little bit more of a formidable opponent. So, it’s no surprise that all of a sudden this no holds barred stipulation kind of pops up out of nowhere. They just tried to put him on a level playing field, but it’s okay. We’re ready for it.”

Samoa Joe has been calling Allin the “little dead boy,” which Allin says is a good way to describe him.

“What else do you call him? He’s a little zombie kid. You keep throwing him down stuff. You keep throwing him off of stuff, keep throwing him here and there, and he keeps standing up and walking forward. I mean, there’s no other way to put it,” Joe said. “A little dead boy. That’s what we’re dealing with out there. I’m going to make sure he stays down next time.”

Samoa Joe AEW Sought To Help Darby Allin Now I’ll Keep Him Down

More Latest News:

Samoa Joe is proud to be an ambassador for the Ring Of Honor brand. From 2002 to 2008, he worked for the same company. Joe talked about some of his favorite memories from when he worked for ROH in Dayton, including a time-limit draw he had with CM Punk. Joe said that he would love for Dayton to be a regular stop on the schedule again. He said that the city has seen a lot of good things happen.

“I would absolutely love it. I think the stats that you kind of pointed out, were very much proof of that. You know, a company like Ring of Honor does not go back to a place ten times unless that area is good for them. They can’t afford to if it’s a disaster, like I said, if you go out there, and it’s a failed endeavor. So, obviously, Dayton’s always been a strong-reach town. There’s history there,” Joe explained.

“Aside from [the CM Punk] match, so many groups debuted there or had breakout matches that I think of, Generation Next and stuff like that. It was always a really, really fun town or wild town. The fans always came with a very, very high amount of energy. I think there was one time, too, where the inside venue was flooded. We had to do a tent on the outside and they were still there and going crazy. So, it’s a battle-tested town. I will give it that.”

Samoa Joe said that he doesn’t see himself slowing down anytime soon as the main attraction for both the AEW and ROH brands.

“Till the end of time. Really when you come down to it, the great thing about ROH and AEW is that there’s an influx of the young new hot guys that are coming up the pipe that are ready to make a huge splash on the world stage. That’s kind of the biggest attraction for me is that I’m dealing with guys who are hungry, ready to go and looking to make their own mark in the world. It’s that kind of enthusiasm that makes what I do all that much more fun.”

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