Russia Claims It Shot Down A Ukrainian Drone, Killing Three Persons, As It Approached A Bomber Air Base

However, it was alleged by Russian and Ukrainian social media accounts that it could not be verified that several planes had been shot down. These reports were not capable of being independently verified by Reuters.

The air base, one of two strategic bomber bases that house Russia’s air-delivered nuclear capability, can be found close to Saratov. It is situated approximately 730 kilometers (450 miles) southeast of Moscow and is only a few hundred kilometers away from the frontlines in Ukraine.

Russia announced on Monday that it had shot down a Ukrainian drone close to one of its air bases for long-range bombers deep inside Russia’s territory and that the event resulted in the deaths of three members of the Russian air force.

Allegedly, the drone was flying in close proximity to Russia’s Engels air base, which is home to long-range strategic bombers that might have been deployed to target Ukrainian cities and infrastructure. According to a statement released by the Russian Ministry of Defense and distributed by Russian news outlets, the event did not damage any aircraft.

There was no immediate reply from Ukraine, which has never openly claimed responsibility for assaults within Russia but refers to them as “karma” for Russia’s invasion on February 24. At the beginning of this month, Russia reported that the same base had been assaulted by drones from the Ukrainian government. According to a statement released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on Monday, “A Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) was shot down at low altitude while approaching the Engels military airfield in the Saratov region.”

As a result of the falling drone wreckage, three Russian servicemen serving on the technical staff at the airfield suffered mortal wounds. The Tu-95MS Bear and the Tu-1,60 Blackjack are two types of strategic bomber aircraft that Russia possesses between 60 and 70. Both are equipped to transport conventional and conventional nuclear weapons, including cruise missiles that can be loaded with nuclear warheads.

As part of what it refers to as its “special military operation,” Moscow has employed its air force to launch cruise missiles against Ukraine to reduce Ukraine’s military capacity. These assaults, according to Kiev, constitute war crimes, and the Ukrainian capital has compared Russia to a terrorist state.

Russia Claims It Shot Down A Ukrainian Drone, Killing Three Persons, As It Approached A Bomber Air Base
Russia Claims It Shot Down A Ukrainian Drone, Killing Three Persons, As It Approached A Bomber Air Base

The earlier hit on the same base on December 5 and another attack on the same day on another base stunned Russian observers and raised questions about the strength of Russian air defenses. Both attacks occurred on December 5. On social media, others speculated that if Ukraine could strike that deep within Russia, it probably also had the capability to strike Moscow.

Earlier on Monday, Roman Busargin, the governor of the Saratov area, stated that the most recent event at the base, which he noted the authorities were examining, did not cause any harm to the facilities that were part of the civil infrastructure. According to Busargin, “there is no harm to citizens… Civil infrastructure facilities were not damaged.” [Citizens] are not in danger.

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